Nearpod and BrainPOP free for all Hong Kong schools during coronavirus closure!


 AiTLE + ETC : Provision of Support to School re Class Suspension Programme

Top international e-learning platforms:  Nearpod and BrainPOP are in support of Hong Kong schools during the Coronavirus school closure period:    Unlimited, free access until schools resume. 

Combining the use of web meeting solutions, such as  Zoom's free basic plan,   teacher and students can see, hear teachers running Nearpod live lesson, even when teachers and students are not inside the same room.

Adding BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., or BrainPOP ELL topics (or other websites) as a weblink inside Nearpod will remove the need for students to run multiple tasks when joining Nearpod live lesson over the web meeting.


AiTLE  (The Association of IT Leaders in Education) and ETC,  have joined hands with Nearpod, the teacher-student interaction platform) and BrainPOP, the cross curriculum digital content and activities platform, to provide free trial of their PAID version to school during the whole class suspension period in Hong Kong.

Schools can immediately upload their PowerPoint, Google Slide into Nearpod, and deliver live lesson through the Zoom online web meeting platform (or similar), to continue their everyday lesson.   ETC and Neapod are offering webinar on Zoom + Nearpod in English/Cantonese.   Registration details to be announced.


Schools are encouraged to take up this special opportunity to encourage your entire teaching team to experience the very high quality elearning teaching approach.

In cooperation with the Association of the IT Leaders in Education (AiTLE), we are announcing the 

AiTLE + ETC : Provision of Support to School re Class Suspension Programme


  • Teaching away from school, attending class from home. 
  • Learning and Teaching in a different setting does not have to be a struggle.   
  • With a little bit of help from some of the world's most respected elearning platform, the transition from your everyday school life to a home setting can be a smooth one.
  • You will be able to run your regular classes, guide the pace of interaction, with your students and even do a lot more during this very special time of Hong Kong.

We are ready to provide the necessary support through online face-to-face demo, webinar for your teaching team.      We even provide Monday - to Friday video guide to students in Cantonese, free of charge, until schoolS resume.