Code the Micro:bit on MakeCode +  wired  inputs and outputs through the micro:bit pins  以電線接駁micro:bit 電子配件         

7 mins  Using micro:bit classroom with remote teaching 
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Detailed guide

1 hour webinar of the latest MakeCode for the BBC micro:bit beta to be released June 2020.  Read more
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Online step guides in Chinese (below):              More guides in English   

  • micro:bit coding- Motor 馬達
    • 馬達的應用
    • 馬達的控制方法
  • Servo 使用教學
    • 我需要什麼配件來使用Servo?
    • 透過鱷魚夾配合micro:bit使用教學
    • 利用micro:bit自身的light sensor控制servo 
    • 配合slider控制servo轉動 

Code the Micro:bit on Workbench + SAM Labs wireless inputs/outputs 無線micro:bit 電子配件 + Google Sheet 

See the 54 Sam Labs + micro:bit lessons through the Learn to code kit 

SAM Labs + micro:bit (click to see a larger view)
由運算思維到編程,無線連接(bluetooth) 釋放更多新可能!  

micro:bit + SAM Labs wireless RGB Light, see step-by-step tutorial

SAM Labs 54-lesson Learn to Code with micro:bit Course

Teach coding & computer science 
 featuring wireless SAM Labs blocks + micro:bit + block-based Google Workbench


"Only" available as part of the SAM Labs Learn to Code with micro:bit Classroom Kit 

Register here to download 5 Free! sample lessons below and the curriculum alignment maps

Starter Lessons
4 lessons

1. Sam and Cyberspace
2. Google Workbench
3. SAM Labs
4. micro:bit

Age 9-10
10 lessons

1. Into Cyberspace
2. Sensing Danger
3. Choose the Bright Path
4. Danger Detected (Free!)
5. Error Detected
6. Countdown
7. Password Protect
8. Hidden Code 
9. Test the Range
10. Threat Attack

Age 10 -11 
10 lessons

1. Unmasked 
2. Find the Minion
3. Stop the Minion (Free!)
4. System Check
5. Can I use it?
6. Flare Alert
7. Back It Up
8. Packet Delivery
9. Adaptability
10. Communications

Age 11-12 
10 lessons

1. Go with the Flow
2. Secret Movement
3. Secret Melody
4. Containing M.A.S
5. Logical Next Steps
6. Is It Fake?
7. Stay Connected (Free!)
8. Follow The Rules 
9. Trust Your Senses
10. It's all 0's and 1's

Age 12-13
10 lessons 

1. 2 Test or not 2 Test
2. Roll of the Dice
3. Keep it Safe
4. Convert to Move
5. Rock, Paper, Scissors
6. Too Many 2 Count
7. 20 Questions
8. In Disguise (Free!)
9. Transmit Directions
10. Inner Workings  

Age 13-14
10 lessons

1. No Place to Hide
2. Phishing Expedition
3. Time Loop
4. Double Check
5. Hidden Number
6. Encrypt and Decrypt
7. Pixels  (+Google Sheet) Free!
8. Search and Locate (+Google Sheet)
9. Sorted
10. Catch and Destroy

Code the Micro:bit on Scratch 3.0 + Marty the Robot (wireless 無線)

Curious about when and how Hong Kong schools started adopting the BBC micro:bit?    Please click this link

Hack and Crack!  AiTLE-ETC TestBed Programme 6.0 :  fischertechnik+ BBC micro:bit + IoT 實體化計劃   
June 2019 - December 2020   more..  

The BBC micro:bit , lesson packs and accessories

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BBC micro:bit Starter Kit



a BBC micro:bit, a  USB Cable, a Battery...

HK$ 135.00
BBC micro:bit 10 or more Starter Kits Classroom Pack



The Classroom Pack consists of 10 x BBC micro:bit, 10...

HK$ 1,280.00
BBC micro:bit 30 or more Starter Kits Bulk Pack



The Bulk 30 Pack consists of 30 x BBC micro:bit,...

HK$ 3,750.00
MI:pro Protector Case for the BBC micro:bit

Micro:bit protective case


Protector Case for the BBC micro:bit keeps the...

HK$ 40.00
MI:power board for the BBC micro:bit

Battery Holder and Battery


 A stylish way to power your BBC micro:bit from...

HK$ 42.00
MI:pro Protective Case for the BBC micro:bit + MI: power board

Micro:bit protective case


Mi:power case for BBC micro:bit and Mi:power board...

HK$ 48.00
fischertechnik STEM 2 kit for the BBC micro:bit 智能家居/ 社區/ 遊樂場

Model Pack with sensor/input/output

  12 models, 200+ parts.   Introduce students...

HK$ 814.00
:Create Interface board for micro:bit and fischertechnik

Shield for sensor/input/output


Bridge the gap between fischertechnik STEM kits &...

HK$ 105.00
Klip Motor Driver for BBC micro:bit

Shield for sensor/input/output


Do more than just drive motors. It breaks...

HK$ 125.00
Klip Halo for the BBC micro:bit

Shield for sensor/input/output


The Klip Halo board for the BBC micro:bit...

HK$ 75.00
:MOVE mini MK2 buggy kit (excl micro:bit)

Model Pack with sensor/input/output


The Kitronik :MOVE mini MK2 buggy kit for the...

HK$ 238.00
Inventor's kit for BBC micro:bit



Contains everything you need to complete 10 experiments...

HK$ 228.00
Motor Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit (version 2)

Shield for sensor/input/output


A simple way to add motor driving capability to...

HK$ 105.00
Servo:Lite board for the BBC micro:bit

Shield for sensor/input/output


This Servo:Lite board for the BBC micro:bit can...

HK$ 110.00
Kitronik 16 Servo Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit

Shield for sensor/input/output


Take your robotics project to the next level...

HK$ 127.00
Wheel for FS90R (360 degree servo motor) 60mm x 8mm



Mobilise your projects with these Black 60mm diameter...

HK$ 18.00
RTC (Real Time Clock) Board for the BBC micro:bit

Shield for sensor/input/output


Add real-time clock capabilities to micro:bit with the...

HK$ 85.00
Klimate Board for the BBC micro:bit

Shield for sensor/input/output


Add real-time clock and environment sensing (pressure, temperature,...

HK$ 166.00
MI:Sound speaker board for BBC micro:bit

Speaker + Battery Holder and Battery


The MI:sound board is a stylish way to...

HK$ 49.00
E-textile kit for the BBC micro:bit

Sewable electronics


The E-Textiles kit for the BBC micro:bit offers...

HK$ 80.00