What's new with the BBC micro:bit?    


7 mins  Using micro:bit classroom with remote teaching    
Try now >> https://classroom.microbit.org/
Detailed guide https://www.microbit.org/get-started/user-guide/remote-teaching/

1 hour webinar on the latest MakeCode June 2020 release for the BBC micro:bit   Read more.  
Try now >>  https://makecode.microbit.org/ 

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Online step guides in Chinese (below):                

  • micro:bit coding- Motor 馬達
    • 馬達的應用
    • 馬達的控制方法
  • Servo 使用教學
    • 我需要什麼配件來使用Servo?
    • 透過鱷魚夾配合micro:bit使用教學
    • 利用micro:bit自身的light sensor控制servo 
    • 配合slider控制servo轉動 

>>More guides in English inside the MakeCode editor  


Curious about when and how Hong Kong schools started adopting the BBC micro:bit?    Please click this link
Hack and Crack!  AiTLE-ETC TestBed Programme 6.0 :  fischertechnik+ BBC micro:bit + IoT 實體化計劃   June 2019 - August 2021   more.. 


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