Pneumatic PinBall machine/ roller coaster/ color sorting machine for the BBC micro:bit 電氣動彈珠機/ 電氣動彈珠分流軌道/ 電氣動顏色分辨器

Model Pack with sensor/input/output



Product Description

4 models.  3 x BBC micro:bit + ROBO TX ElectroPnematic 


The subjects of electro-pneumatics and vacuum technology are demonstrated clearly with the aid of fascinating models such as the pneumatic motor, color sorting robot for colored parts, ball obstacle course and pinball machine.

The new, powerful and compact compressor guarantees a reliable supply of compressed air to the models.

The electro-magnetic valves included allow remote control of the models with a PC.

4 models, 440 parts

For kids 10 or above


There are instructions of building 4 different models in each pack:

  • pneumatic motor,
  • color sorting robot for colored parts,
  • ball obstacle course
  • pinball machine


In addition to the building blocks, each pack also comes with

  •  related instructional material on CD
  • compressor
  • Mini Motor
  • solenoid valves x 2
  • optical color sensor
  • vacuum suction device
  • cylinders with spring x 3
  • photo-transistors x 2
  • lens tip lamps x 2 
  •  flex-rails x 11

Part 1 - micro:bit block commands used in the Pinball Machine Model

To achieve fluency and competency in micro:bit coding, you really need to get a thorough understanding of each of the block catagories to be used in the PinBall Machine Model (see part 2 below for the full code).    Fortunately, all the reference guides are available on the BBC micro:bit web site for you to get a deeper and more comprehensive understanding and mastery.

The Pinball Machine Model used the following micro:bit blocks.  You can click to lean more about each of the block catagories.  The links bring you directly to the respective part of the BBC micro:bit reference document site, where live codes are included for you to understand, try, and download:


Part 2   The "live" Pinball Machine Code  - Understand, Edit and Download

  The following code has used all the mentioned blocks in Part 1 above.    


Comments In English, click the " ? " on block to find out the comment (meaning) of the block code.

  • If you read this page on a computer with wider screen size, you will be able to see the micro:bit simulator that is fully clickable.
  • If you cannot see the code, such as on a mobile phone, please  click this link instead.
  • Click   to open the code on the micro:bit website for further editing and modification.
  • Click   to download this code to your micro:bit for immediate use or to save on your computer.     




In order to have the models running, you must need :


Size: 46.5 x 8.0 x 32.0 cm

No. of models: 4

No. of parts: 440

Link to Assembly Guid


Link to Activity Booklet


Order options - excluding the BBC micro:bit (please order 3 x BBC micro:bit)
HK$ 2,184.00


ROBO TX ElectroPneumatic kit only