Find out more about the new British Computing Curriculum (Primary and Secondary)

Computing At School:   the British teachers' organization behind the crafting team of the new British computing curriculum

Download useful documents:

  1. Quick Start: A CPD toolkit for Primary Teachers
  2. Quick Start: A CPD toolkit for Secondary Teachers


The new British computing curriculum:
an interview with Mark Dorling

The new British computing curriculum:
Miles Berry on computing

BBC micro:bit at Maker Faire Bay Area
20-22 May 2016 (8 minutes)

Engineering our World (2 minutes)
The Institute of Engineering and Technology

40-minute webinar on Supporting STEM education with BrainPOP


fischertechnik STEM and Physics, Germany (7 minutes)
Started in 1965. 50 years of anniversary (history)
Part of the fischer group of companies
fischertechnik in Industrial Simulation 

More Useful Downloads:  

Coding + STEM

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Curious Learners in Primary Maths, Science, Computing and DT (STEM)

Teacher's Book


  Whether it is in the British National...

HK$ 260.00
Arts and Music @ BrainPOP Jr.

Software Online Subscription

  BrainPOP Jr. offers animated educational movies, quizzes,...


Software Online Subscription

See this for full details on BrainPOP Computing Topics...


Software Online Subscription

See this for full details on BrainPOP Engineering...

Rugged Racers Remote Control Cars

Remote control car


These rechargeable remote control vehicles come in four...

HK$ 1,650.00
Bits and Bytes Coding Card Game


A Fun Card Game that Teaches Children the...

HK$ 189.00
Bee-Bot® Programmable Floor Robot V.2

Programmable Floor Robot


The new and improved Bee-Bot® is a perfect...

HK$ 640.00
Blue-Bot® Bluetooth Programmable Floor Robot V.2

Programmable Floor Robot


The new and improved Blue-Bot® is a perfect...

HK$ 830.00
Blue-Bot Programmable TacTile Reader

Bluetooth coding tile and reader


A unique and extremely fun way to program...

HK$ 946.00
Blue-Bot TacTile Reader Tiles Extension Pack

Bluetooth coding tile


Create algorithms with these fantastic tiles. Repeats and...

HK$ 357.00
Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot Mats

Floor Mat

Bee-Bot Mats are essential companion to your Bee-Bots...

HK$ 368.00
Let's Go with BeeBot Activity Book

Handbook / Teacher's Guide

A fantastic resource to help you understand the...

HK$ 156.00
Maths Activity Cards
Maths Activity Cards

Teacher's Guide


A set of 30 Maths related activity cards...

HK$ 249.00
Bee-Bot (Blue-Bot) Lesson Activities 1

Software CD-Rom

Focus on Bee-Bot: Lesson Activities  is a cross-curricular...

HK$ 311.00
Bee-Bot (Blue-Bot) Lesson Activities 2

Software CD-Rom

Focus on Bee-Bot: Lesson Activities 2.3 is a...

HK$ 311.00
Bee-Bot (Blue-Bot) Lesson Activities 3

Software CD-Rom

The perfect program for teaching Key Stage 1...

HK$ 311.00
OSMO coding (Awbie)

iPad kits

Coding is a modern superpower Coding teaches logic...

HK$ 398.00
OSMO Coding Jam

iPad kits

The coolest way to code: Create music and...

HK$ 498.00
OSMO Brilliant Kit
OSMO Brilliant Kit

iPad kits

OSMO - play beyond the screen Osmo is...

HK$ 648.00
Pro-Bot® Rechargeable Floor Robot

Programmable Floor Robot


Pro-Bot is a floor robot which can be...

HK$ 1,129.00
Probotix Software

Software CD-Rom

Allow children to take complete control of programming...

HK$ 496.00
Pro-Bot Mats Pack

Floor Mat

A great way to make sure you have...

HK$ 1,329.00
Mover Kit

programmable electronics

The first programmable wearable tech for kids where...

HK$ 599.00
Scratch Controller Input Device

Hardware for Scratch


A simple input device that can extend your...

HK$ 275.00
Scratch LED Rainbow Matrix

Hardware for Scratch


Ideal to establish connections between the digital and...

HK$ 749.00
InO-Bot Scratch Programmable Bluetooth Floor Robot

Robot for Scratch


Specially designed to be used with the popular...

HK$ 1,341.00
MaKey MaKey (ready for Scratch 3.0!)

Invention Kit

An Invention Kit for Everyone Combining science, computer...

HK$ 436.00
Dash and Dot Wonder Pack

Programmable Floor Robot plus accessories

Meet Dash and Dot - the interactive programmable...

HK$ 2,170.00
Awesome: Siggy with Maria doll

Coding Robot for Girls


Teaching Girls to Code!   The World's first self-balancing...

HK$ 860.00
Ohbot 2.1

Model Pack with sensor/input/output

A robot head kit.  Make it.  Bring it...

HK$ 1,529.00

Coding Robot for Girls


Teaching Girls to Code!   The World's first self-balancing...

HK$ 860.00
Sphero mini (white)


The Worlds Smallest* App-Enabled Robotic Ball *That we...

HK$ 488.00
Sphero SPRK+ Edition


Blending kids' love of robots with the joy...

HK$ 998.00
Sphero Power Pack (12 Sphero sprk+ edition)
Sphero Power Pack (12 Sphero sprk+ edition)


The best day of school just got better....

HK$ 14,500.00
Learn and Go

Control Box


The Learn & Go controller is a clever...

HK$ 594.00
Bee, Traffic Light, Washing Machine

Model Pack with sensor/input/output


 A set of 3 easy to assemble plastic...

HK$ 398.00
SAM Labs STEAM kit (wireless Input / output)

Bluetooth wireless sensor and output for coding

17 wireless bluetooth blocks, 30+ software blocks.   Micro:bit...

HK$ 4,609.00
BBC micro:bit Starter Kit



a BBC micro:bit, a  USB Cable, a Battery...

HK$ 135.00
BBC micro:bit 10 or more Starter Kits Classroom Pack



The Classroom Pack consists of 10 x BBC micro:bit, 10...

HK$ 1,280.00
BBC micro:bit 30 or more Starter Kits Bulk Pack



The Bulk 30 Pack consists of 30 x BBC micro:bit,...

HK$ 3,750.00
fischertechnik STEM 2 kit for the BBC micro:bit 智能家居/ 社區/ 遊樂場

Model Pack with sensor/input/output

  12 models, 200+ parts.   Introduce students...

HK$ 814.00
Green Energy (included hydrogen fuel cell kit) for the BBC micro:bit 再生能源/混能裝置/氫氣車

Model Pack with sensor/input/output


19 models.  “Renewable energy sources“ will become our...

HK$ 2,016.00
:MOVE mini MK2 buggy kit (excl micro:bit)
:MOVE mini MK2 buggy kit (excl micro:bit)

Model Pack with sensor/input/output


The Kitronik :MOVE mini MK2 buggy kit for the...

HK$ 238.00
Line Following Buggy for the BBC micro:bit version 2
Line Following Buggy for the BBC micro:bit version 2

Model Pack with sensor/input/output


This easy to build micro:bit controlled Line Following...

HK$ 300.00
Inventor's kit for BBC micro:bit



Contains everything you need to complete 10 experiments...

HK$ 228.00
Motor Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit (version 2)

Shield for sensor/input/output


A simple way to add motor driving capability to...

HK$ 105.00
Servo:Lite board for the BBC micro:bit

Shield for sensor/input/output


This Servo:Lite board for the BBC micro:bit can...

HK$ 110.00