Coding 路,一步一步

SAM Labs + micro:bit
由運算思維到編程,無線連接(bluetooth) 釋放更多新可能!


fischertechnik: 建立創意的基礎

STEM + Coding

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Curious Learners in Primary Maths, Science, Computing and DT (STEM)

Teacher's Book


  Whether it is in the British National...

HK$ 260.00

Software Online Subscription

800+ topics available, its cross-curricular topics include an...

HK$ 15,160.00

Software Online Subscription

50+ topics:  computer science, digital citizenship, communications. Subscribe...


Software Online Subscription

70+ topics:   Inventions, Innovations, Discoveries, Science & Industry...

BrainPOP Jr.

Software Online Subscription

250+  topics, BrainPOP Jr. gently encourages young learners to ask...

HK$ 12,400.00
Computing /Technology @ BrainPOP Jr.

Software Online Subscription

10+ topics:   Computational Thinking, Engineering and Design Process,...

Magtronix Starter Set

Educational Toys


A hands-on activity where children piece together circuit...

HK$ 240.00
Magtronix Expansion Pack

Educational Toys


Challenge yourself to make bigger and more complex...

HK$ 240.00
Chibi Lights LED Circuit Stickers STEM Starter Kit

Circuit sticker activity kit


Chibitronics Chibi Lights Circuit Stickers are a creative...

HK$ 240.00
Electric Paint Circuit Kit

Conductive Paint Activity Kit

verything you need to learn about parallel circuits....

HK$ 140.00
Vu+ Primary Science datalogger (USB + Bluetooth)



A very low cost primary school data logger...

HK$ 1,664.00
V-Log8 USB+ Bluetooth



A low cost 8 channel remote data logger with 4...

HK$ 2,970.00
Smartscope iGo2 microscope

iPad Microscope

Connect 3 iPad/Android to view HD images and video....

HK$ 3,490.00
Dusy Screwdriver Set

Maker's Tools


Play / Promotion: Old cartons become airplanes, cars, furniture,...

HK$ 530.00
Dowel for Dusy screwdrivers

Maker's Tools


Suitable for the Dusy screwdriver (103 734). Content /...

HK$ 318.00
Playmat for kindergarten (3 in 1)

Mini Machine Tools


Woodworking for beginners PLAYMAT is a fully operational...

HK$ 990.00
Bee-Bot® Programmable Floor Robot V.2

Programmable Floor Robot


The new and improved Bee-Bot® is a perfect...

HK$ 640.00
Blue-Bot® Bluetooth Programmable Floor Robot V.2

Programmable Floor Robot


The new and improved Blue-Bot® is a perfect...

HK$ 830.00
Bee-Bot®/ Blue-Bot® Pen Holder (6 pcs.)



Now Bee-Bot®/ Blue-Bot® can draw! Simply click on...

HK$ 149.00
Bee-Bot®/ Blue-Bot® Pusher (6 pcs.)



Push objects from one destination to another with...

HK$ 149.00
Bee-Bot® and Blue-Bot Transparent Pocket Mat

Floor Mat


Personalise your own Bee-Bot/ Blue-Bot mat by inserting...

HK$ 249.00
Robot Sensor



Use this Robot Sensor to add interactivity and...

HK$ 189.00
Robot Sensor fronts

Display Card


Transform your Robot Sensor into a market stall...

HK$ 135.00
Bee-Bot® and Blue-Bot® Mat Markers



Use these fantastic mat markers on your floor...

HK$ 125.00
Blue-Bot Programmable TacTile Reader

Bluetooth coding tile and reader


A unique and extremely fun way to program...

HK$ 946.00
OSMO base for iPad

iPad kits

The Osmo new base for iPad is the...

HK$ 298.00
OSMO coding (Awbie)

iPad kits

Coding is a modern superpower Coding teaches logic...

HK$ 418.00
OSMO Coding Jam

iPad kits

The coolest way to code: Create music and...

HK$ 498.00
Robo WunderKind Starter Kit

modular programmable robotics kit

  All the essentials for the young inventors...

HK$ 1,432.00
Robo WunderKind Education Kit

modular programmable robotics kit

Unlock the new levels of playing and learning...

HK$ 1,992.00
Robo Wunderkind Advanced upgrade kit

modular programmable robotics kit

  Upgrade your existing Starter Kit  or Education...

HK$ 1,192.00
SAM Labs STEAM kit (wireless Input / output)

Bluetooth wireless sensor and output for coding

17 wireless bluetooth blocks, 30+ software blocks.   Micro:bit...

HK$ 4,609.00
SAM Labs Alpha kit (4 blocks)

Bluetooth wireless sensor and output for coding

Designed for 2-3 students. An introductory STEAM lesson...

HK$ 1,419.00
SAM Labs Team kit (12 blocks)

Bluetooth wireless sensor and output for coding

 Designed for 9-10 students. A STEAM lesson kit...

HK$ 4,169.00
SAM Labs Classroom kit (40 blocks)

Bluetooth wireless sensor and output for coding

Designed for 30 students. The ultimate STEAM lesson kit...

HK$ 10,989.00
fischertechnik STEM 2 for SAM Labs 智能家居/ 社區/ 遊樂場, 12 models

Model Pack matching SAM Labs

  This popular micro:bit kit is ideal for SAM...

HK$ 860.00
fischertechnik Simple Machines 簡單機械 for SAM Labs, 40 models

Model Pack matching SAM Labs

Bring to life these models using SAM Labs....

HK$ 1,008.00
Scratch Controller Input Device

Hardware for Scratch


A simple input device that can extend your...

HK$ 275.00
Scratch LED Rainbow Matrix

Hardware for Scratch


Ideal to establish connections between the digital and...

HK$ 749.00
BrainPOP Creative Coding (Add-on)

Software Online Subscription

Cross curriculum Scratch 3.0 and JavaScript coding projects.   ...

HK$ 4,760.00
MaKey MaKey (ready for Scratch 3.0!)

Invention Kit

An Invention Kit for Everyone Combining science, computer...

HK$ 436.00
Love to Code Creative Coding Kit

Circuit sticker activity kit


STEM Reimagined: Craft meets Code The Love to...

HK$ 680.00
Marty the Robot (using Scratch 3/ Micro:bit/Python)

Walking, dancing and kicking robot

 Scratch 3.0 +micro:bit+ the very cute Marty Robot!...

HK$ 1,998.00
SAM Labs Learn to Code with micro:bit Classroom kit

Bluetooth, wireless, rechargeable input and output

For 30 students. micro:bit Lessons Plans + wireless SAM...

HK$ 10,072.00
BBC micro:bit Starter Kit



a BBC micro:bit, a  USB Cable, a Battery...

HK$ 135.00
BBC micro:bit 10 or more Starter Kits Classroom Pack



The Classroom Pack consists of 10 x BBC micro:bit, 10...

HK$ 1,280.00
fischertechnik STEM 2 kit for the BBC micro:bit 智能家居/ 社區/ 遊樂場

Model Pack with sensor/input/output

  12 models, 200+ parts.   Introduce students...

HK$ 814.00
fischertechnik Starter Set for micro:bit

Model Pack with sensor/input/output


3 models + F5 I/O extension board for...

HK$ 850.00