Find out more about the new British Computing Curriculum (Primary and Secondary)

Computing At School:   the British teachers' organization behind the crafting team of the new British computing curriculum

Download useful documents:

  1. Quick Start: A CPD toolkit for Primary Teachers
  2. Quick Start: A CPD toolkit for Secondary Teachers


The new British computing curriculum:
an interview with Mark Dorling

The new British computing curriculum:
Miles Berry on computing

BBC micro:bit at Maker Faire Bay Area
20-22 May 2016 (8 minutes)

Engineering our World (2 minutes)
The Institute of Engineering and Technology

40-minute webinar on Supporting STEM education with BrainPOP

Code with Dash and Dot(2 minutes)

fischertechnik STEM and Physics, Germany (7 minutes)
Started in 1965. 50 years of anniversary (history)
Part of the fischer group of companies
fischertechnik in Industrial Simulation 

More Useful Downloads:  

Coding + STEM

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