Find out more about the new British Computing Curriculum (Primary and Secondary)

Computing At School:   the British teachers' organization behind the crafting team of the new British computing curriculum

Download useful documents:

  1. Quick Start: A CPD toolkit for Primary Teachers
  2. Quick Start: A CPD toolkit for Secondary Teachers


The new British computing curriculum:
an interview with Mark Dorling

The new British computing curriculum:
Miles Berry on computing

BBC micro:bit at Maker Faire Bay Area
20-22 May 2016 (8 minutes)

Engineering our World (2 minutes)
The Institute of Engineering and Technology

40-minute webinar on Supporting STEM education with BrainPOP


fischertechnik STEM and Physics, Germany (7 minutes)
Started in 1965. 50 years of anniversary (history)
Part of the fischer group of companies
fischertechnik in Industrial Simulation 

More Useful Downloads:  

Coding + STEM

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Art and Music @ BrainPOP Jr.

Software Online Subscription

15+ topics:   Art (colour, sculpture, Picasso...), Music (Pitch,Tone...)...


Software Online Subscription

50+ topics:  computer science, digital citizenship, communications. Subscribe...


Software Online Subscription

70+ topics:   Inventions, Innovations, Discoveries, Science & Industry...

Bee-Bot® Programmable Floor Robot V.2

Programmable Floor Robot


The new and improved Bee-Bot® is a perfect...

HK$ 640.00
Blue-Bot® Bluetooth Programmable Floor Robot V.2

Programmable Floor Robot


The new and improved Blue-Bot® is a perfect...

HK$ 830.00
Bee-Bot (Blue-Bot) Lesson Activities 2

Software CD-Rom

Focus on Bee-Bot: Lesson Activities 2.3 is a...

HK$ 311.00
Codesters (drag and drop Python)

Software Online Subscription

Coding in your Classroom THE LEARN-TO-CODE PLATFORM FOR...

HK$ 200.00
AppFurnace - creating Apps for iOS and Android

Software Online Subscription

AppFurnace makes creating Apps for iOS and Android...

HK$ 1,049.00
Simple Machines

STEM lessons and models pack


40 models in the pack allow children a fascinating...

HK$ 1,008.00
STEM PREP - Physics, Robotics, Energy and Power Set

STEM lessons and models pack


Contains 2110 components in total to build all...

HK$ 7,260.00
STEM Engineering Set

STEM lessons and models pack


Contains 890 components in total to build all...

HK$ 8,580.00
Inventa Workshop Resources

Teacher's Photocopy Master

An 8-workshop STEM course material.   These photocopiable...

HK$ 480.00
Inventa Technique Sheets

Handbook / Teacher's Guide

Fully illustrated sheets on design-and-make using Inventa (now the...

HK$ 150.00
Inventa Book of Mechanism


An enjoyable book. Illustrated in full colour, everything...

HK$ 150.00
Inventa Book of Structures


An enjoyable book. Everything you need to know...

HK$ 150.00
Focus on Mechanical Toys

Software CD-Rom

Mechanical Toys Design Technology software supports the teaching...

HK$ 419.00
Focus on Fairground Ride

Software CD-Rom

Focus on Fairground Rides is an interactive resource...

HK$ 419.00
Focus on Mechanism

Software CD-Rom

 Ideal for KS3 and GCSE Design Technology, each...

HK$ 419.00
Yenka Technology

Software Download

Yenka Technology is a powerful, but easy-to-use, simulator...

HK$ 7,800.00
Yenka Programming

Software Download

Yenka Programming is a new, exciting way to...

HK$ 5,850.00
Flowol 4

Software Download

Flowol 4 allows students of all ages to...

HK$ 3,600.00
Unimat 1 Basic for Primary School (4 in 1)

Mini Machine Tools


Model Making with Ease UNIMAT 1 BASIC was...

HK$ 2,990.00
Unimat 1 Classic (6 in 1)

Mini Machine Tools


Model Making with Ease For the model-making newcomer who...

HK$ 5,250.00
Unimat ML Design and Technology (4 in 1)

Mini Machine Tools


All machines of the Unimat ML Design &...

HK$ 4,950.00
Unimat ML MetalLine Technic (6 in 1)

Mini Machine Tools


For more Precision Slides, tailstock and intermediate pieces...

HK$ 9,500.00
Safety Ruler

Maker's Tools


300mm long Imperial rule with metric only scale...

HK$ 38.00
Valiant Vice

Vice for wood/plastic cutting

A unique tool especially for design and make...

HK$ 358.00
Pistol Grip Drill

Maker's Tools


The pistol design of this drill with fully...

HK$ 135.00
Paper Drill with 3 cutters

Maker's Tools


For making holes in card or corrugated plastic...

HK$ 237.00
Craft, Design, Technology Trolley

Classroom Storage

Ideal storage for the micro:bit, fischertechnik building blocks, and many...

HK$ 5,972.00
Callero+ Double Trolley

Classroom Storage

Callero Plus is our new range for School...

HK$ 4,654.00
Callero+ Triple Trolley

Classroom Storage

Callero Plus Treble Trolley with Shallow and /or...

HK$ 4,979.00
Sit 'n' Store on wheels

Classroom Storage


BSI tested and passed for heavy educational use....

HK$ 450.00
Schatti Set

Educational Wooden Toys


Schatti Set combines Schatti and Schatti Too in one. Players need...

HK$ 967.00
Shadow Outline

Educational Wooden Toys


The Shadow outlines cards show the shadows of the...

HK$ 1,450.00
Mini Shadow Outline

Educational Wooden Toys


Mini version of the original Shadow Outline ! The...

HK$ 665.00

Educational Wooden Toys


Cubicolor is an attractive new colour version of...

HK$ 849.00

Educational Toys


This game does not only train the memory....

HK$ 228.00
Computing /Technology @ BrainPOP Jr.

Software Online Subscription

10+ topics:   Computational Thinking, Engineering and Design Process,...

Flexible Shaft "Artist"
Flexible Shaft "Artist"

Mini Machine Tools


For use with Unimat Basic 4 in1 or...

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Playmat Flexible shaft
Playmat Flexible shaft

Mini Machine Tools

901 440

For use with Playmat, connect to the motor....

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