Bits and Bytes Coding Card Game



Product Description

A Fun Card Game that Teaches Children the Fundamentals of Computer Coding

suitable for age 4+ onwards

Learn coding

A fun game that teaches children the fundamentals of computer coding without using a computer

Problem solving

Children learn problem solving by breaking down problems into their smaller components


Children learn algorithms and how to sequence instructions together to reach a solution

Play based learning

Children have fun playing Bits & Bytes while learning computer programming


2 minutes about Bites & Bytes. the coding card game

More about Bits & Bytes

An interview with the creator 



Bits and Bytes is an exciting, fun and easy to play game with vibrant characters that appeal to children of all ages. It engages and empowers children, encouraging them to learn through play.

The goal of Bits and Bytes is for each player to guide their character (program) to their home planet, Ram, by issuing instructions (turn right, turn left, move forward, turn around). At the same time they have to avoid Walls, Bugs and the dreaded CPU.

Sounds simple, right? But that's the point.

Children are having fun playing a card game but at the same time they are creating computer concepts, like algorithms and the sequencing of instructions, and they are learning the invaluable skill of problem solving. And by doing so they are developing a logical mind-set, which is a fundamental requirement for coding/programming (and many other subjects).

By playing Bits and Bytes, children are developing the logical foundations for programming computers, thus when they start to learn actual coding later in life they already have the required mindset.

The recent changes in the National Curriculum in England mean all children in primary schools (from age 4 through to 11) will have to learn computer coding/programming. Bits and Bytes is an invaluable tool to assist parents, teachers and children to learn the fundamentals of computer coding in a fun way - without using a computer or requiring any knowledge of computers.

Please see this link for instruction to play


  • Professionally printed on premium cards (100) of two different sizes
  • Includes game rules (in English) - new version for easier understanding
  • Shrink-wrapped in a high quality custom box
HK$ 189.00