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Product Description

A robot head kit.  Make it.  Bring it to life.
Learn programming and computational thinking.

Introducing Ohbot 2
Ohbot2 is an affordable robot and graphical software that works with your PC. It comes with an Arduino-compatible servo controller

Ohbot 2 is created as an object that children can think with.

Ohbot 2 software runs on Windows 7, 8 or 10

Visit the official website for more details


2 minutes introduction by Ohbot 2

4 minutes introduction by the creator of Ohbot 2

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Most robots in primary schools are floor based turtles.  It’s been like this since the invention of Logo in the 1960s.

Although turtles are great, there’s a whole world of creative possibilities that are beyond them. We think students should have access to a creative robot system that is modelled on themselves, that they can program to talk, display emotions, act, react and solve real world problems

So we are developing Ohbot, a kit robot that students can assemble in an hour, connect to a computer and bring to life by scripting programs using easy drag-block software modelled on Scratch. Ohbot will come with a pack containing the kit, straightforward making instructions, software and challenge projects developed by experts. 


The sequence of learning-through-making projects will challenge students to turn Ohbot into a story teller, a street performance poet, teacher, actor or helper. Students will be introduced to key programming concepts including sequences, repetition, selection and variables through applying them to make Ohbot work. This is tailored to address the demands of the Computer science elements within the new curriculum for Computing.




See this link for OhBot assemble instruction -  If you do not want to build Ohbot, instead, you can buy a pre-assembled unit.

Notes to Ohbot 2 owners - about the robot hardware and software

Ohbot 2 software

17 example programmes to play with


Ohbot 2 Ready Assembled & 4 user Ohbot Software license

A lovingly assembled 7 motor Ohbot 2. Just install the software and you're ready to start programming. 

Pack includes:

  • Ready build seven motor Ohbot
  • Power supply
  • USB cable
  • 4 user license for graphical programming software (requires PC running Win 7 or later)

Ohbot 2 Kit & 4 user Ohbot Software License

The kit includes everything needed to make a 7 motor Ohbot 2.   

Pack also includes:

  • Power supply
  • USB cable
  • 4 user license for the graphical programming software (requires a PC running Win 7 or later)

Ohbot Software Site Licence


 A perpetual site licence to use the current version of the Ohbot software on all computer at the school.  Available to schools that  have purchased a minimum of one Ohbot.

License option based on the number of student enrolled:   500, 1000 or up to 2,600 student enrolled at the school.


Ohbot 2 Illuminating Eyes


These Ohbot v2 replacement eyeballs allow Ohbot to express itself using colour. The eyes replace your existing Ohbot eyes and plug directly into pin 13 on the Ohbot control board. Program via the Ohbot software to light in any colour, flash or chase through sequences of colour. It's even possible to have each eye lit with a different colour. Iris colour will be selected randomly unless specifically requested.

Ohbot 2 Camera and Brackets

Camera with two mounts allowing it to be mounted in a fixed position on Ohbot's base or on a headband so that the camera view tilts and turns as Ohbot's head moves. 

Kit includes

  • 1x USB camera and extension cable
  • 1x headband camera mount
  • 1x angled base camera mount
  • fixings

Ohbot 2 Sensor Pack

 Pack includes 

  • light sensor
  • touch sensor (with adhesive pack to attach to Ohbot's nose)
  • 3 axis tilt sensor
  • cables to connect to Ohbot v2 control board
  • instructions on set up 

The sensor values can be used directly within the Ohbot software using dedicated blocks.

  • light level - provides a value between 0 and 10 dependent on light level
  • touch -provides a value of 10 if touched and 0 if not touched
  • movement in three axes - provides a variable for each plane  

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DIY kit with 4 users software