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Clicker is the definitive primary writing tool.  

Build confidence in writing, reading, speaking and listening.


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From planning, to writing, to proofing – Clicker includes all the tools your students need to succeed. Clicker 7, makes it easier than ever for teachers to provide differentiated curriculum resources and create a classroom of independent, enthusiastic learners.

The latest version of Clicker is more accessible, user-friendly and customisable than ever before. Clicker 7 helps every child to play an active role in their own learning and offers complete support throughout the writing process.

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Clicker is the definitive primary writing tool

See here for a quick summary of What's New in Clicker 7?

Build confidence with Clicker Grid Sets

Grid Sets enable children to write with whole words, helping them to write independently. Clicker 7 makes it easier to create and edit your own Clicker Grid Sets, and there are hundreds of ready-made sets to choose from.

Review writing with clear children’s voices

Clicker’s brand new children’s voices give students the opportunity to hear their work read back to them in a friendly, age-appropriate voice that they can identify with. This realistic speech feedback encourages them to actively review and self-correct their work.

Develop vocabulary and spelling with intelligent word prediction

Upgraded for version 7, Clicker’s intelligent word predictor suggests words that fit the context of students’ writing, encouraging them to use more adventurous vocabulary. Children are able to create flowing pieces of text with accurate spelling and grammatically correct sentences.

Organise ideas with Clicker Board

Clicker Board is a new, child-friendly planning and organising tool, where students manipulate words, pictures and sounds. Easily flick between the board and the document while writing, or instantly transform the board into a word bank. It’s great for individuals, for groups and for the whiteboard.

Capture thoughts and rehearse sentences with Voice Notes

Voice Notes are a new and powerful way for children to capture their thoughts and ideas. Use Voice Notes to rehearse sentences before writing, or to capture ideas on the fly. They are saved with the document, so they’re still there when you come back!

Provide personalised writing support with Word Pool

What happens when children need to include unusual words or names in their writing? With the new Word Pool, you can add any word to Clicker’s knowledge base and ensure it is pronounced properly by the speech engine, picked up by the predictor and accepted by the spellchecker. Word Pool can also be used to tackle specific spelling patterns students are really struggling with.

Make the curriculum accessible for all

Crick Software is committed to providing software that enables every student to access the curriculum and achieve success. Clicker 7 has more accessibility features than ever before, including SuperKeys and eye gaze compatibility.

Clicker Apps

Please order the Clicker Apps directly on the Apple Store.  Not through us.

Touch, write, succeed!

Combining classic Clicker support features with the latest classroom technology, our Clicker Apps give your learners access to proven literacy support tools developed specifically for the iPad.

Each Clicker App focuses on one key aspect of the multi award-winning Clicker 7 and has a child-friendly, designed-for-touch interface perfectly suited to learners across the primary age range.

Clicker Sentences

Create differentiated sentence building activities for your pupils in seconds.

Clicker Connect

Connect words and phrases to build sentences and compose coherent text.

Clicker Docs

Transform your iPad into a portable primary word processor.

Clicker Books

Help children create their very own talking books

Which apps do I need?

Each of our apps focuses on one key feature of Clicker 7, ensuring that there is an app to support every pupil, no matter what stage of literacy they have reached. Our comparison chart will help you determine which of our apps are most suitable for your learners.

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Clicker 7 - 90-Second Training Handouts

Get to know Clicker 7 with these printable guides!
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Create and edit documents, with pictures and speech support

Adapt the settings of Clicker 6 and personalize the program with your own media

Clicker Sets
Create your own Clicker Sets or use the free sets available on

How to utilise the accessibility options in Clicker 7.

Descriptions of the tools on the various ribbon tab menus.



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