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Combine Creative Writing with Animation

Inspire students to think, write and share

Plotagon is an award-winning educational app that allows students to create instant, animated videos just by writing. Whether presenting reports, practicing vocabulary words or debating hot topics, students become more engaged when they see their ideas come to life.

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1 minute introduction

4 minutes teacher's guide to Plotagon



Students simply select characters, choose their settings (airplane, news studio, restaurant, etc.), type a script and press play. It works that fast!

They can also add music, sound effects and emotions—all of which can be changed on the fly for nuance and variety. Student videos are only visible within a private, digital space controlled by their classroom teacher.

  • Award-winning Plotagon animation app that enables users to quickly create animated videos just by typing.
  • Record your own voice
  • Every character and scene (setting) in the Plotagon library — and we’re creating more all the time!
  • Character creator: students can create themselves, famous people or get more imaginative with all the options.
  • Private, digital classroom space so only those in the class can see and comment on student videos.
  • Administration tools that allow the teacher to add/delete student accounts and monitor what is shared.

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