STEM Engineering Set

STEM lessons and models pack



Product Description

Contains 890 components in total to build all 22 models from the following Robotics kits:

The  405 pages strong STEM Tutorial in pdf format – written by Tom White, American Top Consultant for STEM Education - covers the following project themes (ideal to be taught within 12 months; available in English):

Mechatronics/Cybernetics / Sketching and Documentation / Structures / Mechanical Systems / Control Systems / Sensor Systems / Motors and other Actuators / Automation / Fundamentals of Robotics / Mobile Robotics. 

It is followed by 325 pages with the original pictured assembly instructions to build all 22 models from these 3 Robotics Kits, plus ROBO Pro Software manual, plus TXT Controller instruction guide.


The tutorials are based on Project Based STEM Education according to the following American Standards:

National Science Standards (NSES), Standard of Technological Literacy (STL/ISTE), College and Career Readiness in Math (MS), and Writing Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects.

 It is structured into the following activities:

Sketching and Documentation / Purpose of the Project / Concepts / Outline / Standards / Assessment / Essential Question / Student Scenario / Daily Plan / Vocabulary / Resources. You may download the Teacher’s and Student’s version from here:


Project-Based Learning – Based on the US Common Core Standards

The fischertechnik STEM program meets

  • Common Core Standards for Math, Reading and Writing 
  • National Science Education Standards
  • ISTE standards
  • ITEEA standards

This program can easily fill some months of class time and engage students in the study of Applied Physics with a systems approach to Electronics, Control and Sensing.“  

Tom White, Program Creator


Themes covered in the pack:

  • Sketching and Documentation 
  • Structures 
  • Mechanical Systems 
  • Control Systems 
  • Sensor Systems 
  • Motors and other Actuators 
  • Automation 
  • Fundamentals of Robotics 
  • Mobile Robotics 
  • Robotics Competition



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