fischertechnik Robotic arms for the BBC micro:bit 1/2/3軸機械臂

Model Pack with sensor/input/output



Product Description

 4 models.   Measure, control, and regulate with a focus on industrial applications 

 Txt controller, Scratch 3.0, micro:bit ready

Four reality-based and fully functional industrial robots:

  • High-rack storage,
  • 3-axis robot and
  • 2 other grappler robots.

Gripper robot

High bay storage rack

Pivoting gripper

3-axis robot

Stable fischertechnik aluminum channels used in all models.

The instructional activity booklet provides support in the form of background information, projects and programming tips.


For programmers and designers from age 10.



The main topics covered include

  • Instrumentation and control 
  • programming
  • interaction between hardware and software 
  • use of actuators and sensors



In addition to the building blocks, each pack also comes with

  • an instructional activity booklet on CD
  • assembly instruction booklet
  • 2 x Encoder Motors
  • 2 x XS Motors
  • 6 x Sensors



In order to have the models running, you must need 

 OR - if you are to use control it with the BBC micro:bit, you will need the F5 I/O board


Size: 440 x 315 x 150 mm

No. of models: 4

No. of parts: 510

Download single part list

  • Welcome to the fischertechnik Computing World

About this Activity Booklet

  • Industrial robots
  • Component Explanations
The Construction Set Contains All of This Actuators Encoder Motors XS motors


Pushbutton switches As a "closer" (normally open switch) As a "break contact" (normally closed switch) ROBO TX Controller ROBO Pro Software
  • Gripper robot

Robot coordinate system

  • High bay storage rack
  • Pivoting gripper
  • 3-axis robot
Teach-in procedure Quick programming for 3-axis robot Load, start, select control panel Keys on control panel Stop Save

Towers of Hanoi

Loading teach-in sequence on TX controller


The guides here are based on the original fischertechnik TXT controller.  Adapt it for use on micro:bit or Scratch.

Link to Assembly Guide


Link to Activity Booklet



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