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Critical Thinking and Essay Writing

using Rationale online argument mapping

Rationale®, is a program to structure thinking and writing skills.

Official web site:  https://www.rationaleonline.com/



Designed to guide students from basic brainstorming tasks toward evaluated reasoning and clear well-structured essays. By making argument maps, you visually display and scaffold the thinking process.

Included built in interactive tutorial and critical thinking e-book.

Support Chinese input and text export.


 It helps students to 

  • Structure arguments

  • Analyse reasoning

  • Identify assumptions

  • Evaluate evidence

  • and teachers to

    • monitor and assess students’ thinking processes

    Argument maps can also be shared, allowing collaborative online works. 

    Critical Thinking with Rationale Online, for IB

    Extended Essay Writing guide for students

    Included in the online subscription are tutorials on:

    Critical Thinking

    Here you'll find twelve sets with theory and exercises designed to help you understand more about creating argument maps in Rationale. Along the way, we cover some basic concepts and principles of reasoning, writing and critical thinking.

    Argument Mapping

    The Tutorial Argument Mapping offers six lessons with exercises and quizzes for advanced students and go into more detail with respect to making and analyzing arguments.

    Reasoning for Knowledge

    These advanced exercises are designed to help you understand some important concepts used in reasoning and ascertaining knowledge. They are particularly helpful for use with the International Baccalaureate's Theory of Knowledge unit in the Diploma Programme and University programmes.


    Timo, the master-mind and designer of Rationale, share with Hong Kong teachers the benefits of Rationale at the Learning and Teaching Expo 2014.



    Step-by-step training  video on the official web site

    Rationale Critical Thinking Book

    online e-Book version included in the subscription.

    Buy the printed book on Amazon

    By Ms Wong Sau Lee and Ms Jenny Leung from HKBUAS Wong Kam Fai Secondary & Primary School in Chinese (Cantonese)

    1. Using Rationale to teach English (4.5 mins)

    2. Using Rationale to teach Chinese (6 mins)

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