Basic Modular Arena

Floor Mat and Fence

Learning Robots

Product Description

An Arena to facilitate Learning

Because the quality of learning also depends on the environment of the robot, we have designed an arena to provide you with an optimized plug & play solution:

  • good floor / wall contrast for quick learning
  • good detection that the robot is moving
  • size 80x80cm, fits on a large classroom table
  • modular:possibility to enlarge, mazes, etc.


4 Arenas combined


But, of course, you can also build your own custom arena!


Package inlcudes

  • 4 wood boards of 80cm
  • 1 printed ground tarp
  • 4 supports
  • 2 connectors

Used alone, the arena sits on a large table. By purchasing 2 or more arenas, you can connect them to form a large arena that can accommodate many robots simultaneously.

HK$ 1,080.00