Supercharge your Raspberry Pi 4

IoT prototyping & robotics with pi‑top [4]

Rapid, robust IOT development and prototyping.

Program pi‑top [4] and our Robotics Kit with .NET libraries

pi-top [4] plus .NET equals a dream team for rapid prototyping of robotics, AI and IoT projects. We've been working closely with Microsoft's developers for the past eight months, porting our Python libraries for pi-top [4] to .NET


Watch the recording of the live demo at the .NET Conf to see the remote Computer Science class of the future, using .NET, the pi-top [4] Robotics Kit, and Microsoft Teams.


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pi-top [4] Complete

Raspberry Pi 4 and casing kit


Raspberry Pi made simple, robust and modular  pi-top...

HK$ 2,040.00
pi-top [4] DIY Edition

Raspberry Pi 4 casing kit


Power armour for your Raspberry Pi. The only...

HK$ 1,015.00
Protective Case for pi-top [4], Green

Protective case


Keep your pi-top [4] scratch-free with our flexible...

HK$ 134.00
Electronics Kit (Foundation/Sensor kit for pi-top [4])

Sensory kit


Our Sensor Foundation Kit, a metal ‘bento box’,...

HK$ 793.00
Robotics Kit for pi-top [4]

AI Robotics Kit


Raspberry Pi 4 Computer Vision and Applied AI...

HK$ 1,328.00
Expansion Plate for pi-top [4]

Shield for sensor/input/output


The pi-top [4] Expansion Plate is a versatile...

HK$ 446.00
11.6" FHD Touchsceen Panel for pi-top [4]

Touch Display


Bring the power of touch to Raspberry Pi....

HK$ 1,774.00
Keyboard, Bluetooth,Stand Alone, US V1 for pi-top [4]

Wireless keyboard


A keyboard that has you covered. The pi-top Bluetooth...

HK$ 437.00