SAM Labs Curious Kit (6 blocks)

IoT Wireless programmable electronics

SAM Labs

Product Description

Race and play

Program your SAM racer to roll any way you wish using the SAM Space app - choose the speed, the control mechanisms, the direction and more. Discover logic gates and custom code to fool friends and win the race!

  • Fits Lego
  • 6 rechargeable SAM Blocks
  • SAM Space app
  • Car body and controller
  • 20+ starter projects
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Easy wireless set-up





6 SAM Blocks:

  • SAM RGB Light x1
  • SAM Tilt x1
  • SAM Button x1
  • DC motor x2
  • Slider x1


  • car chassis x1
  • controller x 1
  • wheels x2
  • directional wheel x1
  • paper bodies x6 (including 1 template to create your own).


  • instructions Booklet x1
  • inspirational SAM Book of Crazy Cool Ideas x1

USB charging cables and Bluetooth USB dongle (for Windows)

HK$ 1,554.00