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At Texthelp we offer a range of assistive technology solutions to help students in schools and higher education as well as their teachers. Our easy-to-use literacy support tools give students at all levels extra help with reading and writing in the classroom and at home. By increasing students' confidence, improving attainment and examination results, our award-winning literacy solutions can help every young person achieve their full potential.

What's new for Read&Write in 2017

TextHelp  CTO provides an overview of what's new with Read&Write for 2017 including a brand new makeover for Read&Write for Windows

TextHelp for Windows
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Read & Write for Google Chrome
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Read & Write for Mac
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Fluency Tutor for Google
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Read&Write for Desktop, Google, Tablet

Software Online Subscription

The  Read&Write family of literacy software makes the...

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Fluency Tutor For Google

Software Online Subscription

  Fluency Tutor for Google is an easy-to-use...

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