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Benefit from weekly or daily focus on spelling, and with the new ‘Wordshark Online’ they can learn spellings at home as well as at school!     

Wordshark is a trusted resource, developed by specialist teachers and bought almost entirely on recommendation. It has unique depth and quality, drawing on over 20 years’ experience in meeting the wide-ranging learning needs of students.

Why it works

No student is the same or learns in the same way, so Wordshark adapts to each of their needs, providing a wide choice of words, games, and options. Each game has a task which is to teach or reinforce a specific reading or spelling skill – success with Wordshark is all about the combined effect of these different games. Students also enjoy the reward activities, gaining confidence through independent learning.

Automatic Progression – Supershark

A new baseline test places each student at the best starting point. They can work independently and move forward with their own individual learning journey. This gives teachers more time to focus on help where it is truly needed.

The best of all worlds 

Wordshark offers great flexibility. Use the Supershark course with its automatic progression, or use one of the other courses in your own way, or set work for students with a program to guide them through – or add your own words.



10,000 words & sentences

Courses include British National Curriculum spellings, Alpha to Omega, High frequency words, and Everyday vocabulary for students new to English.  Word lists are presented in a format to support your spelling lessons. Your own lists can also be added



Dyslexia, SEND, EAL

Even reluctant students are motivated by Wordshark! Multi-sensory, carefully thought-through games and structured word lists make the program ideal for SEND. The courses and games are perfect for students learning English as an additional language.

Age & gender neutral

The choice of activities, concepts and words make Wordshark suitable for ages 5-16, from early introduction to phonics right through to spelling support in secondary school, filling gaps in knowledge or for learning specialist vocabulary.


The games

Each motivating game has a sound educational purpose helping to develop a variety of reading and spelling skills – not just rote practice. There are also games for synthetic phonics.


Adaptable & easy to use

Wordshark is easy to use but also hugely versatile – easily adjusted to the needs of each student. You can set work, use automatic progression or ‘dip’ into the program…and you can create your own words lists.


Measuring Impact

Wordshark records track time spent on games and shows results – with errors clearly highlighted. Regular, short sessions and a mixture of games e.g. using ‘Supershark’ ensures success!


Wordshark online - support/FAQ site  https://wolhelp.wordshark.co.uk/portal/kb


 Wordshark course (one of the word lists) word list:



This links below brings you to description of Wordshark offline version, which mostly also apply to the Wordshark online we are offering here.

At school 

Wordshark is used mainly by teachers in Primary schools. It is particularly popular with SENCOs working with students who have dyslexia or other special educational needs.

Wordshark is an ideal choice for teaching KS3 vocabulary in Secondary schools.

Any school with EAL students can also make great use of Wordshark.

International schools invest in Wordshark for all of the above, and find that the program adapts well to any English language curriculum.


At home

Teaching professionals recommend Wordshark to parents, particularly to support children with dyslexia.

The program is highly flexible, making it suitable for other siblings in the family too.

Wordshark is mostly used with ages 5-11 but is also suitable for age 12 upwards where a child has fallen behind or English is not their first language.

In addition to the 10,000 words in Wordshark, you can also add your own word lists – fantastic for learning homework spellings.

Wordshark is an extremely popular choice with home educators as well as home tutors.


12-month subscription
HK$ 3,600.00

30 students