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Supports the Cambridge Young Learners:  Starters, Movers, Flyers exams,  and KET for Schools, the Common European Framework and the US State Common Core Standards   

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Little Bridge is a six-level course for young learners, with an innovative, child-centred approach. Based on a methodology that combines tried and tested pedagogical principles, providing regular practice and systematic recycling of prior learning, each activity in Little Bridge has a clear grammatical focus and an identified communicative function – and a uniquely natural flow. 

Manage and support your students for a full year with the Little Bridge Premium School Account!

Little Bridge inspires children around the world to learn English and provides a safe place to engage in real communication.

Flip your classroom with Little Bridge!

Little Bridge and the Common European Framework (CEFR) Little Bridge levels 1 – 4 take students to level A1 on the CEFR. Little Bridge levels 5 – 6 take students to (and slightly beyond) level A2 on the CEFR. Little Bridge and the Cambridge Young Learners Exams Little Bridge levels 1 & 2 offer full preparation for the Starters exam. Little Bridge levels 3 & 4 offer full preparation for the Movers exam. Little Bridge levels 5 & 6 offer full preparation for the Flyers exam. provides  a safe, secure site where young learners, with their school’s or a parent’s permission, can explore a virtual, online English-speaking environment. They can create their own character and customise their own room in Little Bridge, then discover a huge range of fun and challenging activities – all designed to develop effective English language skills.

Today, one new child every 5 minutes is joining Little Bridge to learn English.

See what over 5 million children in over 40 countries and leading schools and language colleges are ALREADY talking about.

  • Over 1000+ activities and games, all carefully structured, with built in revision and recycling to ensure language is easily learned and retained effectively.
  • Inspire your students with creative, story-based learning, based on proven language learning strategies.
  • Enjoy the specially written Little Bridge songs. Your students can join in, karaoke-style!
  • Discover the huge range of listening and speaking activities. Every student can record their voice as they join in the Little Bridge conversations.
  • Watch ROBOTS build language in the Grammar Factory.

A Premium School Account includes…

  • Access to full LMS (learning management system), which allows you to track your students’ progress, generate reports, control students’ access to the program, message your students, set tests, and customize your students’ learning experience.
  • Access to downloadable teacher resources in the LMS, including full PDF teachers guides (RRP £15 each!), audio files, printable copymasters, flashcards, personal progress records and posters.
  • Access to the Little Bridge program for unlimited numbers of students and teachers.
  • Students are able to use their Little Bridge accounts on, on desktops, laptops and Chromebooks. They can also use their accounts for the Little Bridge apps, which are free to download on smartphones and tablets.
  • Free online training sessions with our team and support when you need us.
  • Choose British or American English (switch to the option you want in the program)


  • Remember! You get 1 Teacher’s License FREE with every 20 student licenses.

Buy the beautifully printed, full colour pupil's activity books which form part of the Litttle Bridge teaching programme.

1 book per level, total 6 books.


     Webinar to help you get the most out of Little Bridge

    video 1: Customization and activities - 25 minutes

    video 2:  Tools, score board, grammar factory, games, Domino, online community - 10 minutes 

    video 3 - Learning (Student) Management system - 20 minutes

     More tutorial video


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