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Little Bridge supports the Cambridge Young Learners: Starters, Movers and Flyers and KET for Schools, the Common European Framework and the US State Common Core Standards

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Choose the Little Bridge Basic Account for schools and get started today!

Add unlimited students to your Little Bridge Basic Account. An exclusive offer for schools only! Students are able to use their Little Bridge accounts on, on desktops, laptops and Chromebooks and for the Little Bridge apps, which are free to download on smartphones and tablets.

With a Basic Account, your students can:
  • Complete activities to win trophies and rewards
  • Play games to practice their language skills
  • Sing-a-long to the catchy Little Bridge songs
  • Make lots of DigiPal friends all over the world in the fully moderated Little Bridge online community and practise using English together
  • Create their own DigiPal avatar and profile
  • Explore the 3D world of Little Bridge, and meet the Little Bridge characters
  • Adopt Domino as their very own virtual pet, and learn English together!
  • Use the independent support tools, including a speaking dictionary, grammar factory and native language support.

UPGRADE to a Premium Account ANYTIME!

A Premium Account provides full access to the Little Bridge Learning Management System for complete monitoring and tracking of your students’ progress and a wide range of Classroom Resources, including Tests (digital and print), Personal Progress Reports, Flashcards, Worksheets and PDF versions of the Little Bridge Teacher’s Guides (with a huge range of ideas, tips and plans to deliver great lessons) for all 6 Levels of the program. Little Bridge and the Common European Framework (CEFR) Little Bridge levels 1 – 4 take students to level A1 on the CEFR. Little Bridge levels 5 – 6 take students to (and slightly beyond) level A2 on the CEFR. Little Bridge and the Cambridge Young Learners Exams Little Bridge levels 1 & 2 offer full preparation for the Starters exam. Little Bridge levels 3 & 4 offer full preparation for the Movers exam. Little Bridge levels 5 & 6 offer full preparation for the Flyers exam.

Manage and support your students for a full year with the Little Bridge Premium School Account!


  • Over 1000+ activities and games, all carefully structured, with built in revision and recycling to ensure language is easily learned and retained effectively.
  • Inspire your students with creative, story-based learning, based on proven language learning strategies.
  • Enjoy the specially written Little Bridge songs. Your students can join in, karaoke-style!
  • Discover the huge range of listening and speaking activities. Every student can record their voice as they join in the Little Bridge conversations.
  • Watch ROBOTS build language in the Grammar Factory.

     Webinar to help you get the most out of Little Bridge

    video 1: Customization and activities - 25 minutes

    video 2:  Tools, score board, grammar factory, games, Domino, online community - 10 minutes 

    video 3 - Learning (Student) Management system - 20 minutes

     More tutorial video


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