A range of 80+ modular "xChips", which includes cores/CPUs, sensors, power,  communication, output, and storage.     

XinaBox: circuits can be built, without wires, bread-boards or soldering, makes it perfect for beginners and classrooms, while it still has applicability in university through to professional applications, from building satellites to prototyping devices and instruments. 

Use as No-Code-Kit, or use with bridges ready for: micro:bit,  Raspberry Pi, etc. 

Modular electronics for learners and professionals
Read more about XinaBox in Education of all levels 

Datalogging with the BBC micro:bit.   Using IM01 micro:bit interface with SD card slot

XinaBox for micro:bit in a primary classroom

XinaBox for micro:bit in a secondary classroom

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XinaBox + micro:bit webinar


XinaBox project samples


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