1.11 SAM保險櫃 SAM Safe

STEM lessons + blocks

SAM Labs

Product Description

Students will learn about algorithms and boolean (if/then) statements.

Students will work collaboratively to design and test an alarm system for a SAM safe using a variety of sensors which produce different kinds of alerts.


    在本課程中,學生將學習算法和布朗值(if / then)語句。


      The followings are provided with this lesson kit: 

      • 45/90 minutes SAM Safe - Teacher Lesson Plan with notes (script) on lesson PowerPoint
      • SAM Safe -  Teaching PowerPoint
      • Smart Lighting Systems - Student Workbook (worksheet)

        What is SAM Labs? (1 min)

         Webinar: How to use SAM Labs in the classroom? (30 mins)


        SAM Labs Blocks used in this lesson - Smart Lighting Systems

        Physical block :

        1 x RGB LED  

        1 x Light Sensor 1 x Tilt Sensor 1 x Proximity Sensor

        SAM Space App Software blocks used:   

        Download the App from here: 

        • Compare
        • Colour
        • Interval
        • Camera
        • Sound Player


        SAM Space software blocks used:

        Download the App from here: 





          Sound Player



          SAM Labs in the classroom videos   - see 14 videos here 

           The following tutorial, though is not directly related to this lesson, will give you a good feel of how SAM Labs works.

          4-minute Tutorial: Loops in SAM Space featuring the RGB LED light 


          Blocks used in the above tutorial (see full SAM Blocks (physical and virtual blocks) directory here):

          Physical block - RGB LED light

          Software bocks:

          • Key press
          • Toggle
          • Interval  (creating the looping condition)
          • Counter
          • Compare


          The SAM Labs approach provides concrete solutions to link Computational Thinking to Coding in a non-technical, friendly approach for all teachers and learners.

          See this document:   SAM Steam approach and computational thinking



          • BrainPOP movies/quizzes and games on Computational Thinking, Programming (coding), STEM and more.   These are good resources for teachers and students to clarify the meaning of key concepts.   Contact us if you like to have a trial.


          BrainPOP Jr:  Computational Thinking Explained

          BrainPOP Jr.









          Want to try some Cool, Crazy ideas that kids, adult, everyone loves?  Check the followings ideas guide from SAM Labs:

          The Book of Crazy Cool Ideas

          To see the step-by-step video on how to connect the blocks, please click blow:

          1. Traffic light 交通指示燈 (easy, 1 player, gadget)
          2. Kaleidoscope 萬花筒 (easy, multi-player, gadget)
          3. Pattern-Bot  繪畫機械人(medium, multi-player, home hack)
          4. Door Prank 惡作劇之門  (easy, 1 player, home hack)
          5. Bridge 起動式橋樑 (medium, multi-player, gadget)
          6. Flipbook 翻書動畫 (medium, 1 player, gadget)
          7. Stirring Machine 攪拌機 (easy, 1 player, home hack)
          8. Alarm 鬧鐘 (medium, 1 player, home hack)
          1. Flashlight 史詩火炬 (medium, 1 player, gadget)
          2. SyncDancers 同步舞者 (easy, multi-player, gadget)
          3. Smart Watch 智能手錶 (medium, 1 player, gadget)
          4. Pinball 彈珠球 (medium, multi-player, game)
          5. Conductor 指揮者 (easy, 1 player, game)
          6. Football game 足球比賽 (medium, multi-player, game)
          7. Gameshow button 遊戲按鈕 (medium, multi-player, game)
          8. Drawing Machine 繪圖機 (hard, 1 player, home hack)


          Under the AiTLE-ETC TestBed Programme 5.0 (STEM / STEAM Lesson Plan + Tools), 3 schools have tried out this lesson plan during the trial period from Oct 2018 to Dec 2019.

          These schools are:

          Other Lessons tried
          1. Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui College (樂善堂梁銶琚書院 ) 3.9_Describing Expressions 3.10_Comparing Expressions
          2. S.K.H. St. Joseph’s Primary School (聖公會聖約瑟小學) 2.10_There Can Be Only, Two
          3. The Education University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Primary School (香港教育大學賽馬會小學) 2.3_Sow and Grow 2.5_Smart Doorbell


          Topics of their sharing at Learning and Teaching Expo, 2018 are:

          1. Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui College (樂善堂梁銶琚書院 )

          • The school did not share in the LTE 2018

          2. S.K.H. St. Joseph’s Primary School (聖公會聖約瑟小學)

          Sharing Teacher: Ms Kylie Lai, Mr Gray Tang and Ms Estella Lai 

          Focus: STEM 教育

          第一部份 - 教學分享 1.11 SAM Safe (4:48分鐘)

          第二部份 - 教學分享 2.10_There Can Be Only, Two (4:44分鐘)

          第三部份 - 學校的 STEM 教學發展 (7:30分鐘)

          3. The Education University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Primary School (香港教育大學賽馬會小學)

          • The school did not share in the LTE 2018