100 ideas for Dads who love their kids

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100 ideas for Dads who love their kids
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About 100 ideas for dads who love their kids but find them exhausting

Willem loves his children but finds them exhausting. Then, one day, he challenges them to find games that require him to lie on the sofa. They have the best day ever! This witty new book features an eclectic range of activities for kids and their dads – and all without the adult's boredom and exhaustion that often accompanies 'child's play'.

Written from a personal perspective, Willem gives every activity a suggested age range and provides tips and golden rules along the way. The book includes games for at home, in the car, at the park, in the pool, at the forest – pretty much anywhere where parents and children spend time together. All games are fun for both and relaxing for dads, and none of them require money or preparation.

After a long day at work, your children can either finish you off or get you to recover – depending on how you play it.

Part 1: in and around the house
  • Inside
  • In the garden 
  • Work and play

Part 2: out and about

  • When travelling
  • In the forest
  • On the beach
  • In the pool
  • When stuck
“A nifty little pocket-sized book dosed heavily with humour, and the perfect father's day present for slacker dads.” –  Read it, daddy, Read it daddy - a book and media blog for parents

“an intriguing book” –  Parents in Touch

HK$ 59.00