A Creative Approach to Teaching Grammar

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A Creative Approach to Teaching Grammar
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About A Creative Approach to Teaching Grammar

This book offers a whole school approach to the teaching of grammar and punctuation that is fully matched to the demands of the English grammar and punctuation test and the new curriculum. With the shift towards elegant, well-constructed sentences, it offers the busy teacher three simple steps to motivate and engage children, through:

• explicit teaching and modelling;
• over forty practical games and activities;
• application and improvement within editing and proof reading.

This book draws on recent research but also is based on many years of classroom practice and a number of case studies. Practical examples develop teachers' understanding of grammatical terms and progression and show how it is possible to have a significant impact on vocabulary, sentence structure and children's writing in general. A balance is found where skills are explicitly taught but within the context of an exciting and interesting curriculum.


“I would highly recommend this book for any primary school teacher grappling with the new English curriculum and the demands of the primary school grammar tests. It provides the essential subject knowledge needed to teach grammar, but within the context of teaching writing more generally and having an impact on the quality of writing children produce. I like that it draws on current research into what works best, as well as practical examples from school case studies. The teach, practise and apply steps are easy to follow and there are a huge number of games and activities that are designed to engage and motivate the children. The progression guidance is expecially useful. An essential reference for all teachers!” –  Amazon review

“This book contains everything you need to know about the teaching of grammar. It is a volume which is much-needed in schools and I can see it being used both daily in the classroom and as a reference book for subject leaders. It would be invaluable for those who are constructing a programme of grammar teaching in the primary school or those who are developing a curriculum of English in their schools.” –  Clare Coburn, Year 6 teacher and Senior Leader

“...they are excellent Staff Room resources...Full of straightforward ideas which will help children engage with their own learning.” –  Sarah Brew, www.parentsintouch.co.uk

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