AppFurnace - creating Apps for iOS and Android

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AppFurnace - creating Apps for iOS and Android
Product Description

AppFurnace makes creating Apps for iOS and Android easy and fun

visit the official web site for resource, support and apps to try


Create Apps using drag and drop widgets.  More advanced students can use of JavaScript for more complex apps.

Teachers and pupils design, create and run your own mobile device apps with ease & no coding to start with

  • Design your app with our powerful and easy-to-use layout tool that runs in a browser in a browser on Windows, Mac or Chrome
  • Immediately try out, edit and revise your app
  • Test on a real device in seconds
  • Management & Moderation tools to ensure content is suitable & manage students, teachers and Apps

View Appfurnace webinar from here:



Please click the link below to access the JavaScript coding documentation for AppFurnace.

 AppFurnace Code API Documentation

If you would like to learn JavaScript, try this:  Learn JavaScript with  CodeAcademy

Sharing by teachers at LTE 2014

By Mr Chan Siu Keung of Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Yuen Long)


By Mr Eric Lau of St. Margaret Co-educational English Secondary and Primary School

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