Art Express Book 5

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Art Express Book 5
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About Art Express Book 5

A new and complete Art and Design scheme for Primary Class Teachers. Everything you need to teach drawing, painting, printing, sculpture, digital media, collage and textiles. Every unit contains practical sessions of work, learning objectives, an AFL checklist and ideas for differentiation. Art Express enables teachers and children to explore ideas and creativity, develop art skills and processes, evaluate and plan work and investigate art across different cultures.
The CD comes with a wealth of resources, including an interactive virtual gallery, examples of famous works, stimulus photographs, pupil resources, teacher assessment sheets, whiteboard presentations and examples of other children's work.

Written by leading experts in the field:
  • Eileen Adams (Drawing) is a freelance consultant working as a worldwide teacher, lecturer, examiner, researcher and writer.
  • Jane Bower (Printing) has thirty years' experience as a teacher in Key Stage 1 and 2 classrooms and as an advisor. She is the author of several books and contributes regularly to Child Education and Junior Education.
  • Judy Grahame (Painting) is a freelance Art and Design consultant with many years experience in primary education - as a teacher, middle manager, lecturer and advisor.
  • Michele Claire Kitto (Collage and Textiles) is an Art Education consultant, with over then years' teaching experience. A primary-level specialist and printmaker, she is also the editor of Start magazine.
  • Kevin Mathieson (Digital Media) was a classroom teacher and currently works as a freelance Art Education consultant.
  • The Advisory Panel were Dan China,Jane Bower and Judy Grahame. Dan is currently the Area Manager (schools) in the northern area of Buckinghamshire, having previously been the County Advisor for Art and Design for some years. He retains an interest in and a commitment to art teachers and art education.


Julia Stanton

Series Editor: Julia Stanton Authors: Eileen Adams (Drawing), Jane Bower (Printing), Judy Grahame (Painting), Michele Claire Kitto (Collage and Textiles), Rosemary Bignell (Sculpture), Kevin Mathieson (Digital Media)

Writes: Books for teens 11+, Teaching Art, Design and Technology , Books for 9-11, Design & Technology

Author of : Fashion Notebook, Art Express Book 1, Art Express Book 2, Art Express Book 3, Art Express Book 4, Art Express Book 5, Art Express Book 6

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