Baby & Beyond: Movement and Beat

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Baby & Beyond: Movement and Beat
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About Movement and Beat

The control of large and fine muscles and the ability to feel, copy and continue a steady beat are all essential for learning, and particularly for learning to read. Baby and Beyond Movement and Beat gives practitioners ideas for supporting the progression of these vital skills at all ages of development in the EYFS.
Each page has a series of 'activity boxes' that are labelled for each age group showing how each area can be approached by children at different stages of development. The format makes it easy to select the level of activity appropriate for each child making these books ideal for groups of mixed ages. When returning to the same areas later the practitioner can choose another activity to support progression and extend learning.


“'Fabulous resource and because very short, provides a succinct accessible read for busy practitioners.'” –  Early Years Educator (November 2009)

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