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Cross curriculum Scratch 3.0 and JavaScript coding projects.   

BrainPOP creative coding  is now available to BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr 


BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. Creative Coding introduces students to the basics of coding by offering projects in two coding languages:

  • Scratch 3.0 - A block-based visual coding language that uses icons or textual labels on blocks or elements that you can drag and drop rather than typing.


And our Scratch projects include:

  • Museum - Create a museum exhibit about a BrainPOP topic. Drag and drop blocks of code to create interactions between the items in the museum exhibit.
  • Story - Tell a story that includes a setting, dialogue through speech bubbles sound effects, and timed interaction between characters’ lines.
  • Math Problem - Code the question, or problem, and the scenario required to solve it. Make sprites change color, disappear, grow or shrink and move around.
  • Game - Create a game where players sort objects by category, and program the positive and negative feedback players get when clicking the objects.
  • JavaScript - A text-based coding language available through our collaboration with Vidcode.



Our Vidcode projects include:

  • Memes - Make your own meme using videos, graphics and text. Learn more about objects.
  • Stop Motion Animations - Create animated movies using images. Learn about arrays and objects.
  • Doodle Augmented Reality - Draw and write over your videos. Learn about functions.
  • Newscasts - Tell the news with your scrolling headline. Learn about if-else statements.
  • Comics - Code an interactive comic with characters and speech bubbles that change. Experiment with properties that enable customization of a character’s appearance.
  • Flag - Design a flag that includes circles, rectangles and graphics. Learn to use arguments in code to customize the positions, size and color of the flag’s design.  

No prior knowledge of coding is necessary to get started. Each project is scaffolded with support and is flexible so beginners can be successful and advanced programmers can create more sophisticated projects. Students can save and submit Creative Coding projects to teachers for evaluation. Projects are designed to take from one to a couple of class periods.

BrainPOP Educators provides teaching resources to help you get started using Creative Coding in your classroom, including lesson plans, videos, step by step guides, and assessment resources.


BrainPOP school-home subscription includes Individual accounts for Administrator, Teachers and Students:

Administrator Dashboard:

  • Create and Manage Teacher Accounts
  • Create and Manage Student Accounts
  • Usage Data and Subscription information
  • Add Admins

Admin Dashboard

Teacher Account

  • Teacher Dashboard
  • Creating Classes
  • Creating Assignments
  • Managing Assignments
  • Professional Development and Training 

Teacher Dashboard

Student Account:

  • Creating and Individual Student Account
  • Student Notifications View
  • Student Timeline
  • Submit Student Work

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