Cable Cars 纜車

Model Pack with sensor/input/output


Product Description


Glide down the slope on a 6-meter long cable with the gondola clear up at the top and then with the freight elevator clear down to the bottom. Have fun.



  • All model parts can be reused and recycled for other projets and student's creative pieces.    fischertechnik is made in Germany with quality and precision.
  • No soldering.  Ideal for all ages, promote problem solving, changes on the fly as debugging and adjustment can be done instantly.    All works can be done to perfection as even the smallest adjustment can be accommodated, thanks to over 580+  mechanical/structural and electronic blocks offered by fischertechnik.



Please try the suggested task below.



Bring the cable car up and down.  What else can you do ?  May be add a button, add some sounds??



The following is only a sample code.    Code for the cable cars will follow later.

Part 1 - micro:bit block commands used in the Barrier Model

To achieve fluency and competency in micro:bit coding, you really need to get a thorough understanding of each of the block catagories to be used in the Barrier Model (see part 2 below for the full code).    Fortunately, all the reference guides are available on the BBC micro:bit web site for you to get a deeper and more comprehensive understanding and mastery.

Through this Barrier Model you can learn, practise, build fluency and confidence in coding.

The Barrier Model used the following micro:bit blocks.  You can click to lean more about each of the block catagories.  The links bring you directly to the respective part of the BBC micro:bit reference document site, where live codes are included for you to understand, try, and download:

Basic (basic micro:bit functions and actions):  On Start, Show LED, Pause

Input (events and inputs from sensors):   On Button Pressed

Loops:   While Loop (repeat code while a Boolean condition is true)

Logic:  If (conditionally run code depending on whether a Boolean condition is true or false)

Pins (Control currents in Pins for analog/digital signals, servos, i2c,...) :   Digital Write Pin, Digital Read Pin,


Part 2   The "live" Barrier Code  - Understand, Edit and Download

  The following code has used all the mentioned blocks in Part 1 above.    


1.    Comments In English, click the " ? " on block to find out the comment (meaning) of the block code.

  • If you read this page on a computer with wider screen size, you will be able to see the micro:bit simulator that is fully clickable.
  • If you cannot see the code, such as on a mobile phone, please  click this link instead.
  • Click   to open the code on the micro:bit website for further editing and modification.
  • Click   to download this code to your micro:bit for immediate use or to save on your computer.     


 2.  Comments in English - to follow shortly.




The followings are listed according to the order options


Option 1.   Cable cars model parts and support resources only  - HK$ 570 per set

The following are provided under the Pedestrian Lights model pack 

 Item  Quantity
Output Motor with Gear Box 1
Input  Mini-Switch (push button) 1
Structure/Circuit cable (electrical wire) 300 mm length
Structure/Circuit mini screw driver 1
Structure/Circuit building blocks  100
Support assembly guide (PDF) 1


full micro:bit code for the model 



Option 2:

Cable Cars model parts and support resources + Motor Driver Board    HK$ 680


Option 3: 

Cable cars model  parts and support resources + Motor Driver Board  + the BBC micro:bit    HK$ 803



fischertechnk STEM II 零件分類及介紹    (Barrier is 1 of the 12 models from STEM II)


fischertechnik full part list  (fischertechnk has close to 580 unique mechanical, structural, electronic parts for use by students, teachers, hobbist, engineers, from around the world).

You can order individual parts from us directly.    Contact us



The motor driver board comes with the 4 x AA battery case.  

For long lasting power supply, please order the fischertechnik rechargeable battery - the Accu Set




Order options
HK$ 570.00

Model parts only