Chemistry (age 11-14) eBook

Lesson plan and student worksheets


Data Harvest

Product Description

21 useful datalogging activities support the core Chemistry curriculum for ages 11-14

This eBook, as part of the Secondary Teaching Materials (10 ebooks), contains:

  • The full eBook (PDF) of all the experiment worksheets and teachers notes.
  • Every worksheet and teacher note as a separate PDF
  • Setup files to match these experiments are included in the EasySense1 software 

The range of practical activities are:

  • How hot can water get?
  • Measuring pH values
  • What is the pH value of water?
  • Comparing the effectiveness of antacids
  • A chemical reaction using 2 chemicals found in the home
  • What happens when an alkali is mixed with an acid?
  • What happens to pH when sodium hydroxide is added to hydrochloric acid?
  • Burning a fossil fuel
  • Hot and cold reactions
  • Does mass change in a chemical reaction?
  • Using mass loss to see how quickly a reaction takes place
  • Rate of reaction: Marble chips and hydrochloric acid
  • Evaporation
  • What happens when salt dissolves in water?
  • Heat of vaporization of a liquid
  • Hydrogen bonding, identifying through evaporation
  • Citrus power
  • What happens to the mass as a fuel is burnt?
  • Good and bad conductors



      The sensors used include:

      • pH sensor (3125PK)
      • Temperature (3100)
      • Current (3165 or 3166)
      • Voltage (3160 or 3160-12)
      • Drop Bubble Counter (3266)
      • Oxygen sensor (3130PK)
      • Humidity (3145)
      • Top-pan Balance and Adaptor (3060 or 3065)