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The complete writing solution for the primary classroom, providing every pupil with just the right level of support and challenge.

Clicker 8 also offers so much more than writing activities: make curriculum content accessible for every child with a talking Clicker Book, support emergent readers and EAL pupils with a Matching Set, or use a Talk Set to develop speaking and listening skills.



Help every child achieve writing success

At the heart of Clicker sits a child-friendly word processor. Watch your pupils confidently tackle writing tasks with help from Clicker’s realistic speech feedback, talking spell checker and word predictor.

What sets Clicker apart from other word processors is the extensive support it offers to emergent, developing and struggling readers and writers. With Clicker, every child can become an independent writer.


Realistic speech feedback

Clicker’s realistic-sounding children’s voices give pupils the opportunity to hear their work read back to them in a friendly, age-appropriate voice that they can identify with. This encourages them to actively review and self-correct their work. Learn more.

Voice Notes

Voice Notes enables pupils to record their own audio notes before they write. This gives them an opportunity to rehearse their sentences, and offers a powerful way for children to capture their initial thoughts and ideas. Learn more.


Intelligent word prediction

Clicker’s built-in predictor improves the productivity of struggling spellers and encourages all pupils to use more adventurous vocabulary. Both the Predictor and the customisable spell checker are speech supported, so that children can hear a word before they use it. Learn more.

Picture support

Whether used for visual stimulation, talking points, or to aid understanding, pictures are a valuable tool for supporting literacy development. Clicker includes a library of over 4500 curriculum-related pictures that can be quickly and easily incorporated into documents and writing grids. You can use your own photos and images too. Learn more.

Jump-start writing tasks

Clicker Grids enable pupils to write with whole words and phrases. Emerging writers build sentences word-by-word, while Word Banks provide scaffolding to support developing writers.


Sentence Sets

Each grid in a Sentence Set contains all the words you need to build a sentence. A model sentence can be shown on the grid, in a pop-up, or aurally to provide the appropriate level of support.

Sentence Sets develop important literacy skills such as left-to-right directionality and the accurate use of capital letters and full stops. You can create a Sentence Set for your pupils by simply typing or pasting your sentences.

Connect Sets

Connect Sets help developing writers, struggling writers and English language learners to take their first steps to independent writing.

Pupils are provided with clusters of words, phrases and/or pictures to help them build a coherent piece of text. As with all Clicker Sets, pupils can listen to any word or phrase before adding it to their sentence.

Word Banks

When children are ready to write using the keyboard, they may still need support with the more difficult words. Build Word Banks to support any curriculum area - just paste relevant text and let Clicker do the rest, automatically removing the high frequency words.

Word Banks are organised in tabs to provide access alphabetically or through topic areas. It’s now even easier to create and edit Word Banks, and you can use them for writing frames too.


Create your own activities...

It’s easier than ever before to make your own Clicker Sets. Simply select the type of activity you’d like to create, add in your text and images, and click ‘Go’! We also have some fantastic free training videos and step-by-step PDFs to help you get started.

...or let us do all the work for you!

When you buy Clicker, you also get free access to ready-made resources on our LearningGrids website.

The resources cover a wide range of curriculum topics, and more are added regularly by our curriculum team. They are also incredibly easy to edit, enabling you to tailor activities to your exact requirements.



Harness the power of pictures

Clicker 8’s new ‘Picturize’ button instantly adds pictures to any Clicker Grid, helping children to find the word they want. Choose from over 4500 Clicker curriculum pictures or use your own.


Whether used for visual stimulation, talking points, or to aid understanding, pictures are a valuable tool for supporting literacy development. 


Express yourself

Clicker offers children three great ways to illustrate their documents and mind maps. First, there’s the enhanced CrickPix library of over 4500 curriculum-related pictures, with child-friendly searching. Secondly, you can take a webcam photo straight into your document. Last but not least, you can paint your own picture using Clicker’s built-in painting tools.

Provide visual cues and prompts

Clicker 8’s new ‘Picturize’ button enables you to instantly add pictures to cells in any Clicker Set, including Sentence Sets, Connect Sets and Word Banks, and to whole passages of text within a document. Use the CrickPix library or upload your own. This is a powerful way to reinforce the meaning of words and introduce new vocabulary.


Personalise the learning experience

Create engaging and motivating literacy activities by incorporating places, people and objects that your pupils are familiar with. This could be a ‘Talk About’ activity using photos from a recent school trip, a ‘getting to know you’ resource for new pupils with images of classmates and important areas of the school, or a Clicker Book about the adventures of the class bear…the possibilities are endless!

Picture-supported writing

Clicker also offers picture-supported writing, where a picture is shown above each word as it is typed, and the option to show pictures in the word predictor and spell checker. You can use any pictures, including the Widgit, Mayer Johnson or SymbolStix symbols for Clicker, which can be purchased separately.



Organising ideas is a vital first step in the writing process, and one that many learners struggle with. Clicker includes a child-friendly mind mapping area to help learners prepare for writing.


Multiple ways to capture ideas

Pupils can manipulate and link any combination of words, pictures and sounds on their Clicker Board; it’s so intuitive, they’ll be able to get started straight away!

To add text, just drag in a shape from the objects palette and start to type. Drag and drop pictures straight onto the board from your files or via your web browser.

You can also select any of the 4500 curriculum pictures in the CrickPix library, or create your own images using the painting tools. Children even have the option of adding their own Voice Notes to their Clicker Board – a powerful recording alternative for pupils who are strong verbal communicators but struggle to write their ideas down.


Integrated Clicker support

All of Clicker’s support features are available while creating your Clicker Board. Listen back to your text with the speech tool, use the word prediction to help find the right word, and correct any spelling errors with the help of the talking spell checker.


Transform plans into structured documents

Ready to start writing? Once a Clicker Board has been created, it can be instantly transformed into a word or picture bank that will sit at the bottom of the document as pupils write, providing instant point-and-click access to key words, phrases and/or images. The bank will mimic the structure of your board, helping pupils to organise their paragraphs and transfer their ideas to the page in a logical order.

Variety of teaching and learning opportunities

Clicker Board is great for individual use, but its touch-screen accessibility also makes it a valuable class planning tool for your whiteboard. It’s such a flexible space that in addition to visual mind maps, you can create fantastic storyboard templates, sequencing activities, flow charts, Venn diagrams…the possibilities are endless!



Assess pupil progress
It’s fantastic when a pupil proudly presents you with their finished piece of work, but how can we ensure that we’re providing the right level of support, if we can only see the end result? That’s where Clicker Analytics comes in!


Clicker 8’s brand new analytics tool provides you with rich data, giving you a unique insight into each learner’s writing process. See at a glance how your pupils are using the accommodations you’ve put in place for them with Clicker, and whether they are ready to progress to new activities and challenges.


Use of predictor tool

View the words they have entered using the suggestions made by the Predictor tool, and the spellings corrected with the spellchecker. Identify possible patterns, so that you can plan your teaching to address specific spelling issues.

Use of Clicker sets

See which Clicker Sets have been used to complete a piece of work. You can even check which words the pupil has opted to listen to before using them, helping you to assess whether the vocabulary provided is at an accessible level.



In addition to the basic statistics of the document, number of paragraphs, average sentence length, etc, Clicker Analytics shows you a complete history of the document, showing you when work on it was first started, the number of sessions it was worked on and the total amount of time used (the active time spent actually working).

Add Teacher Notes

You can refer back to the analytics data at any time – it’s embedded within the document and easily accessible via the Analytics tab. You can also add notes to highlight key points or next steps, and print off a complete summary of the analytics for your records.



Cloze (fill in the blanks) activities are a great way to assess pupils’ topic knowledge, as well as their ability to use semantic and contextual clues. Create your own Cloze activities in a matter of seconds!


Quickly create activities

To create a Clicker Cloze activity, simply type or paste in your text, select the words you want to remove and click ‘Go’! Complete the activity on-screen or print off for use as a worksheet away from the computer.

Cloze the Clicker way

As children work through the activity, they can select any word within the text itself or the list of suggestions and have it read aloud to them in Clicker’s clear, realistic-sounding child’s voice. They then click to send their choice into the relevant gap. Afterwards, teachers can find out at a glance how pupils have done by viewing the ‘Analytics’ tab.


Customise for your pupils and objectives

Choose how many words will be suggested for each gap, or whether to provide suggestions at all, to ensure pupils have the right level of challenge. Use ‘Custom Words’ to create an activity where each blank has its own set of suggested words. This can be used to assess a variety of skills - which of these words makes the most sense? Which is the most powerful? Which character in the story said this?



Boost speaking, listening and reading skills

Clicker 8 offers so much more than writing activities: make curriculum content accessible for every child with a talking Clicker Book, support emergent readers and EAL pupils with a Matching Set, or use a Talk Set to develop speaking and listening skills. If you want to do something out of the ordinary, build your own Custom Set with a mixture of grids and pages.


Clicker Books

Clicker Books provides you with an easy way to create speech-supported on-screen books for your learners. Tailor the subject matter and comprehension level to your pupils’ particular learning needs and objectives.

What’s more, children of all ages and abilities can create their very own talking books! Word prediction, speech and Word Banks provide writing support, and accessible tools enable the addition and manipulation of pictures and sounds.

Matching Sets

Matching activities are a great way of developing basic problem-solving, pattern recognition and language acquisition skills. They are particularly useful for supporting emergent readers and children learning English as an additional language.

A range of matching activities can be created, incorporating pictures, words and sounds to progress pupils’ key skills at a manageable pace.


Custom Clicker Sets

Want to do something out of the ordinary? Build a Custom Set from scratch, or from any other Clicker Set. Custom Sets give you free rein - mix grids and pages, design your own layouts and create accessible multimedia activities using pictures, text and sounds.

Ready-made resources

No time to make your own Clicker activities? Your Clicker license includes free access to hundreds of professionally made Clicker Books, Matching Sets and Talk Sets on a wide range of curriculum topics. Visit our LearningGrids page to find out more!



Support pupils with special needs
In addition to extensive support for learners with reading and writing difficulties, Clicker 8 opens the door for pupils with a wide range of additional needs, including switch and eye gaze users.


Support for children with dyslexia

Clicker is easily the most widely-used reading and writing tool in the UK for young learners with dyslexia.

Its simplicity and flexibility make it highly effective across the primary age range and curriculum.

Download our PDF guide on using Clicker to support children with dyslexia. Download

Support for children with autism

Clicker is a powerful tool for supporting many pupils across the autistic spectrum.

Download our PDF providing additional information on using Clicker to support autistic learners.  Download


Support for children with low vision

In addition to the high quality speech, the clean, uncluttered screen layout and the customisable colour-coded grids, Clicker includes an extensive range of accessibility options for pupils with low vision.

Its simplicity and flexibility make it highly effective across the primary age range and curriculum.

Download our PDF providing additional information on using Clicker to support children with low vision: Download

Support for children with learning difficulties

Clicker is the perfect tool to use with pupils with learning difficulties.

Clicker's multisensory approach of using words, pictures and sounds keeps learners interested and motivated, and gives them the tools they need to achieve success. Clicker enables you to present pupils with activities that are broken down into small steps, and to revisit learning objectives in a variety of ways.

Download our PDF providing some specific examples on how Clicker can be used to support children with learning difficulties. Download


Symbol support for children

Use Clicker with symbols to support pupils with special literacy or communication needs as they take part in reading, writing and communication activities. Adding one of the symbol sets available to use with Clicker provides support in the writer, spell checker, predictor and Clicker Sets.



Support for children with speech or language impairments

Clicker is a great favourite among speech and language professionals as well as special needs teachers. Clicker Sets are perfect for children struggling to acquire language or to express themselves. Clicker helps with developing listening and practising speaking skills as well as providing opportunities to focus on language structure and concepts.

Download our PDF providing additional information on using Clicker to support children with speech or language impairments: Download


Support for children with Down's Syndrome

Clicker is a valuable aid to learning for many pupils with Down's Syndrome. It allows them to use their strengths in visual learning, and gives them the opportunity to practise their skills privately, reducing any fear of failure.

Download our PDF providing additional information on using Clicker to support children with Down's Syndrome: Download


Clicker and accessibility

Clicker has always been the single most accessible educational software tool. It incorporates the unique SuperKeys access as well as support for switch and eye gaze users. Learn more



LearningGrids is a professionally made, ever-expanding bank of primary-focussed learning resources freely available to all users of Clicker. Access a wide range of topic-specific Clicker Sets created by our curriculum team.

New resources are added regularly – see the full range.


Support early writers

Simple writing grids get your early writers building sentences.

Motivate developing writers

Word banks, writing frames and planning activities take your developing writers to the next level.


Provide inclusive curriculum support

Categorised resources provide differentiated support for a wide range of curriculum topics.

Develop spoken language skills

Speaking activities develop vocabulary, storytelling, reasoning and explanation.


Story Corner

Story Corner showcases hundreds of beautifully illustrated story books.


Award-winning premium resources

Previously sold separately, these award-winning resources are now freely available on LearningGrids:

  • Find Out & Write About - non-fiction series for teaching comprehension and independent research skills.
  • Planet Wobble - talking books and activities for struggling readers and writers.
  • Traditional Tales - traditional stories for Early Years.
  • New To English - language-learning resources for EAL pupils.



Training Guide: Clicker 8


Link to Clicker Writer App training guide


Short video tutorials: Clicker 8

Short video tutorials: Clicker Writer App


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