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Codesters (drag and drop Python)
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Coding in your Classroom


Codesters is the complete solution for getting coding into your school.
Codesters is easy to use, engaging for students, and customizable for any classroom.

  • Learn-to-code platform that blends drag-and-drop interactivity with text-based coding in Python.
  • 40-lesson Introduction to Python curriculumdesigned for teachers to use in their classrooms.
  • Math-Aligned coding lessons that integrate into middle school Probability, Statistics, and Geometry.

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1 minute intro to Codesters

3 minutes on Cornell Tech Hacks Roosevelt Island At PS/IS 21


Codesters empowers teachers to bring coding into their classrooms. Our built-out curriculum, step-by-step lessons, and automated feedback system enable teachers to start teaching coding right away


Codesters inspires students to learn by creating. Our coding environment provides a unique drag-to-type toolkit that enables students to create projects with code in moments. And each project-based lesson culminates with students creatively extending and customizing their projects.


Codesters integrates coding into core academic classes. Students learn the core concepts of programming, then reinforce their coding skills through standards-aligned math lessons where they create simulations and games for statistics, probability, and geometry.


Codesters is the classroom-friendly platform for coding. Only Codesters enables kids to learn Python on a platform with graphics, animation, interactivity, and a unique drag-and-type toolkit. And only Codesters integrates coding into standards-aligned math lessons.

Codesters is about creating, sharing, and remixing projects.

Create Share Remix from Codesters on Vimeo.

Students can explore games and apps that other kids have created and shared. Then, they can look inside and see the code to understand how it works. When a student finds a game that she enjoys playing, she can remix it, to make it her own. Then she can change anything she wants.

When kids learn to code with Codesters, they don't just play games, they create them.


Students love to create.

At Codesters, we believe that the best way to teach kids to code is to let them make interactive games, apps and animations.

Drag and Drop with Audio from Codesters on Vimeo.

With our drag-and-drop toolkit it takes just a few seconds for students to add visual elements to their programs and to customize anything they see. With just a few more clicks they can add responsiveness to key strokes or mouse clicks to get things moving around on the stage, then they can turn on the physics engine, set gravity, bounciness, and speed to get things really moving.

With Codesters, learning to code is easy and fun.

Codesters is built for teachers. Our course management system delivers coding lessons directly to students.

Courses and Lessons from Codesters on Vimeo.

Students do structured activities, such as guiding their turtle through a maze or fixing the syntax of a line of code to make their program draw shapes on the screen. Students easily click from one activity to the next, always starting with a program or snippet of code that they have to fix, modify, or add to. And there is always something fun for them at the end - like a monster with pointy teeth.

Sharing by teachers at LTE 2016

By Mr Eric Lau of St. Margaret Co-educational English Secondary and Primary School


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