Come Alive Phonics ‐ Playing with Sounds and Letters

Software CD-Rom with cards

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Come Alive Phonics ‐ Playing with Sounds and Letters
Product Description

Sing and play with letters on screen

A playful way to introduce and reinforce initial letter sounds and letter formation.

 Designed for age: 3 - 5


The interactive CD Rom comes with a variety of activities and games:

Listen to the sound ‐ play the song to introduce the letter sound and shape. Move the character around the letter‐shaped path.

Look at the shape – play the song and watch the characters form the letter. Move the objects around the letter shape independently.


The teacher resources on the disk include:

  • 52 handwriting practice sheets
  • 104 initial sound pictures
  • A SMART Notebook and Promethean Activinspire Flipchart

You can download a free sample of phonic sounds as an mp3 in our teacher resources section


Win XP/Vista/7, Mac 10.5

This software is fully compatible for use on interactive whiteboards and is enhanced for both Smart and Promethean.

Also suitable for use on

  • PC (including Windows 8*) and
  • MAC (please note this product is not compatible with OS X Lion and Mountain Lion).

*Please note that you may need to run the software in compatibility mode on Windows 7 or higher


HK$ 700.00