Come Alive Superheroes

Software CD-Rom with cards

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Come Alive Superheroes
Product Description

Big‐screen superhero adventures

Become a hands‐on superhero with this interactive CD‐ROM which is ideal for

  • developing language
  • storytelling
  • problem solving
  • knowledge and understanding of the world


The interactive CD Rom comes with a variety of activities:

Superhero story starters – select characters from a cast of superheroes in their everyday identities and ‘super-selves’, and choose to tell their story in the city, in space or to battle with a tornado or fire.

Superhero adventures – defend space from aliens, rescue people from burning buildings, repair bridges and hop across musical roof tops in these enjoyable superhero games and activities.

Superpowers revealed – interactive non‐fiction with video and time‐lapse photography lets children investigate the ‘special powers’ of colour transformation, magnetic attraction and shape shifting in the real world.


This software is fully compatible for use on interactive whiteboards and is enhanced for both Smart and Promethean.

Also suitable for use on

  • PC (including Windows 8) and
  • MAC 



HK$ 350.00