Concept Cartoons® in Science Education Set 2

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Concept Cartoons® in Science Education Set 2
Product Description

The resource contains 156 Concept Cartoons covering the main areas of science.

Millgate House Education presents Science Concept Cartoons Set 2, a resource to intrigue, provoke discussion and stimulate scientific thinking. Effectively revealing and challenging learners’ ideas, Concept Cartoons are motivating, easy to use and really make a difference.

This new resource for Chemistry, Biology and Physics covers topics including earth and space, living things and their environments and physical and chemical changes. There is also a chapter on environmental issues such as renewable energy and pollution.

The book and CD contain 156 Concept Cartoons covering the main areas of science. Background text, written in pupil-friendly language, is available for each Concept Cartoon. This suggests possible follow up activities and explains the science behind the different alternatives.

The book contains photocopiable Concept Cartoons. The interactivity of the CD enables the speech bubbles to be changed and modified. A blank speech bubble encourages learners to add additional ideas.


Format – available as a book and interactive/writeable CD-ROM


Age Range:

Most suitable for pupils age 8-14, but can be used outside this age range.

‘This deceptively simple strategy transforms the way learners engage in their lessons and promotes more effective teaching, learning and assessment in science.’

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Sample from the book

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 Concept Cartoons®

  • Are an innovative approach to teaching, learning and assessment in science, maths and English
  • Were created by Brenda Keogh and Stuart Naylor in 1991
  • Feature cartoon-style drawings showing different characters arguing about an everyday situation
  • Are designed to intrigue, to provoke discussion and to stimulate thinking
  • May not have a single "right answer"
  • Are available with follow up notes background notes for teachers

A typical Concept Cartoon® has the following features:

  • Visual representation of ideas
  • Minimal text, in dialogue form
  • Alternative viewpoints on the situation
  • Ideas are applied in everyday situations
  • The generally acceptable viewpoint is included in the alternatives
  • The alternatives are given equal status

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