Continuous Provision in the Early Years

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Continuous Provision in the Early Years
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About Continuous Provision in the Early Years

Based on Alistair's extensive experience in school, this book brings together his knowledge of Continuous Provision and the high level impact and engagement that it can bring. He explains what Continuous Provision is, how to link it to assessment and provides numerous case studies and illustrations of how this works in practice. This book will help practitioners plan their provision (indoors and out) so that it provides carefully structured learning opportunities.

Table Of Contents

What is Continuous Provision?
Basic provision - where to start
Extended provision - what does it look like?
How do I know it's working?
CP outside


“An indispensable guide to addressing all the challenges of continuous provision” –  Nursery World

“A highly readable and very enjoyable book, which clearly explains what is meant by Continuous Provision and how it can be integrated in all areas of Early Years provision.” –

“the photos provide reassuring and compelling evidence that the techniques..have been tried and tested before being shared and recommended!” –  Eye

“This would be a useful book for anyone working the early years, which is accessible whilst setting a good level of challenge for practitioners.” –  Mary Briggs, Programme Lead for Early 

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