Breathing Rate Belt and Pressure Sensor Pack

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The SmartQ ±10kPa Differential Gas Pressure sensor and Breathing Rate belt are used together to measure the expansion and contraction of a person’s chest while they breathe. 

The Breathing Rate belt is wrapped around a person’s chest and inflated. As you breathe the pressure of the air trapped in the belt varies. A tube connects to the pressure sensor that measures the changes in pressure as you breathe and the chest capacity changes. 


Teaching applications:
  • Measuring breathing rates
  • Changes of the body in exercise 


Download Gas Pressure Sensor Manual  Doc No.: DS030 | Issue: 5

Download Breathing Rate Belt Manual | Version: 4



1x (3139) Gas Pressure - Differential ±10 kPa
1x (3190) Breathing Rate Belt


  •  Comes complete with inflation pump and pressure sensor
  • Works in similar way to blood Pressure cuff
  • The Pressure sensor has a low pressure range, with a differential pressure measurement of ±10 kPa



    Breathing patterns (Science in Sport (11-18) eBook)
    First, introductory activity measuring the frequency of breathing, Investigate how activity changes the frequency and depth of breathing.


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