Come Alive Stories: Little Red Riding Hood

Software CD-Rom with cards

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Product Description

This exciting CD-ROM offers children active involvement in the story of Little Red Riding Hood and opportunities to explore the wider curriculum.

Bring traditional tales to life through rhythm, rhyme, music and movement.

Make storytime interactive with animated story and a ‘big book‘ version for shared reading plus the song with words or pictures.

Designed for age: 3 - 6

Software plaform:  Windows only

Visit official web site to try the interactive demos


The interactive CD Rom comes with a variety of activities:

  • Animated and 'big book' versions of the story for shared reading, plus the song with words or pictures
  • 'Tell it yourself' allowing children to get hands-on with the story as they move characters onscreen
  • Related games that develop key skills such as listening, phonological awareness and ICT competence
  • Interactive non-fiction text and cross-curricular activities about wolves, eyes, ears and teeth and forests.
  • An extensive bank of teacher resources including over 30 writing frames, clip art of the story images and characters, and ideas for home-school links


Little Red Riding Hood in rhyme and song

This great value pack provides a lovely introduction to the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

The pack includes:

  • Teacher's book - full of creative and engaging movement, music, role play and writing activities to use across the curriculum
  • Large story cards - ideal for use front-of-class with bright, engaging illustrations and the rhyming text on the reverse
  • Small story cards - perfect for supporting retelling and sequencing activities
  • An audio CD - includes sung and spoken versions of the story


    Visit the official web site for hear a song sample

    Story characters for small world creativity

    High quality and extremely tactile, these wooden figures enable children to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood and explore exciting new versions of their own. Characters are between 60-100mm.

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