Phase 1 Phonics ‐ On the Farm (Disc 2)

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Phase 1 Phonics ‐ On the Farm (Disc 2)
Product Description

With chugging tractors and clucking hens there are all kinds of interesting sounds on the farm.

In Phase 1 Phonics On the Farm,  children can explore these sounds as they develop their phonics skills through engaging activities.

The software includes:

  • An Introduction activity to introduce sounds used throughout the topic
  • A Talking Story to introduce sounds in the context of a story
  • 4 fun Auditory Activities covering the following skills:
    • Activity 1 – listening to descriptions
    • Activity 2 – listening to and identifying environmental sounds/listening walk
    • Activity 3 – matching similar sounds/farm animals to their babies
    • Activity 4 – initial letter sounds (c, f, g, h, b, r)
  • 2 engaging Visual Activities
  • Rhymes and songs
  • Printable activity sheets

All activities and printable worksheets have two, differentiated levels providing support for less able pupils and a challenge for children with higher-level skills. This also supports the use of the resources across nursery and reception classes.

Each Disc has an accompanying Teacher's Book providing a guide through every activity, links to the Letters and Sounds document, plus great ideas for extension activities.

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