Crime Scene Investigations: Real-Life Science Labs for Grade 6 - 12

Handbook / Teacher's Guide


Product Description

This unique resource offers activities in earth, life, and physical science as well as science inquiry and technology.

The Grades 6-12 level book provides labs on life, physical, and earth science as well as critical thinking.

Like real-life forensic scientists, students observe carefully, organize, and record data, think critically, and conduct simple tests to solve crimes like theft, dog-napping, vandalism and water pollution.

For added fun, each resource features an original cartoon character, Investi Gator for the Elementary level and Crime Cat for Grades 6-12. All activities include complete background information with step-by-step procedures for the teacher and reproducible student worksheets. Whatever the teacher's training or experience in teaching science, Crime Scene Investigations can be an intriguing supplement to instruction.


Table of Contents

SECTION 1: Critical-Thinking Lessons.

SECTION 2: Physical Science Lessons.

SECTION 3: Life Science Lessons.

SECTION 4: Earth Science, Archaeology, and Anthropology Lessons.

17 ready-to-use lessons and labs that reinforce skills of observation, experimentation, and logical thinking with titles such as: 

Who Wrote This? (document forgery) Whose Lipstick? (chromatography of lipsticks) Tattle-Tale Type (typewriter comparison) If the Shoe Fits (shoe print impressions)

14 reproducible lessons and labs that apply the principles of chemistry and physics to identify unknown substances, recognize patterns, and determine the chain of events such as:

Print Patterns (fingerprint identification) Fibers Don't Fib (fiber analysis) Glass Chip tips (glass identifications)

20 lessons and labs focusing on evidence left at crime scenes by living things and teaches principles of inheritance, DNA analysis, skeletal structure, and characteristics of hair and skin:

What a Cell Can Tell! (DNA fingerprinting techniques) Take a Bite out of Crime (dental forensics) Hairy Cat Capers (hair identification)

17 lessons and accompanying labs that feature unidentified remains, mummies, skeletons and more and demonstrate how reconstruction of past events can influence the outcome of a criminal investigation:

Where is My Mummy? (preserving flesh) Dating ... Ratioactive Style (forensic archaeology) The Dirt on Crime (evidence from the soil) Making No Bones About It (skeletal evidence)
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