Crocodile Clips (Pair)

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Product Description


A Crocodile clip lead is normally used attached to a home-made or commercial push to make switch. They can be used singly or in pairs to provide timing and event monitoring. 

When the crocodile clips are not connected the circuit is open (OFF). When they are shorted the circuit will be closed (ON). In timing the clips give an on/off output, when used in any of the other Easysense apps the output is 0% for open circuit and 100% for closed circuit. 


Teaching applications:

  • Connecting user made switches to the logger
  • Free fall (steel ball bearing drop)
Extension and advanced ideas:
  • Marking when reactant is dropped into reaction mix e.g. mg ribbon into acid
  • Remote logging trigger


User made switches will need debounce circuit for a clean digital pulse. Maximum input voltage 3V d.c. The lead is a one metre length, which ends in a pair of crocodile clips

HK$ 176.00