Dash and Dot Wonder Pack

Programmable Floor Robot plus accessories

Wonder Workshop

Product Description

Meet Dash and Dot - the interactive programmable robot duo

Discover a new world of play, learning and adventure.

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The new and improved Dash & Dot Wonder Pack includes Dash, Dot, the Accessory Pack, Building Brick Connectors, the Xylophone, and the newly added Ball Launcher.




Meet Dash & Dot, smart robots for curious minds. The programmable robots help teach kids ages five and up how to code through hands-on, interactive play. Kids will discover a world of creativity and fun with the lovable robots that bring imaginations to life, encourage problem solving and multiply curiosity.

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2 minutes introductory video

2 minutes introductory video



Wonder - the newest coding App (3 minutes)

The launcher accessoriy pack (1 minute)


The Dash & Dot Show:
(1 minute)

The Dash & Dot Show 1: 
Introducing Dash & Dot (3 minutes)

The Dash & Dot Show 2:
Introducing Path and Blockly (3 minutes)

The Dash & Dot Show 3:
Robot Fashion Show (5 minutes)

The Dash & Dot Show 4:  
The Algorythmic Robot Band (4 minutes)

The Dash & Dot Show 5:  
Dot Strikes back (5 minutes)


The Dash & Dot Show 6:
Galactic Dash & the Lost Astronaut
 (4 minutes)

The Dash & Dot Show 7:
Robot Pets and Blockly Variables
 (5 minutes)

The Dash & Dot Show 8:
Security Bots (3 minutes)

The Dash & Dot Show 9:
Detective Dash (7 minutes)

 The Dash & Dot Show 10: 
Introducing Wonder (3 minutes)

The Dash & Dot Show: 
Robot in the Wild
(22 seconds)

There are no limits to what your child can do with Dash and Dot.

There's an app for every age group, learning level, and play style.    Download them freely:



For ages 8+

If you know Scratch, you can use Blockly immediately.  

Blockly introduces advanced concepts of coding through playful projects and puzzles. Exploring variables, events, conditionals and more, Dash becomes a dancer, adventurer, artist and prankster, powered by kid’s code. (sample blocks)  


For ages 8+

Wonder makes robotics as delightful as finger painting.

A picture-based coding language built for kids, children create detailed behaviors for Dash, creating the robot pet, pal or sidekick of their dreams.


For all ages

Give Dash a new name, spin in a circle, blink a robot eye and more! Exploring the robot’s lights, sounds, sensors and movements, Go is the first step to getting to know all that Dash can do.


For all ages

With Path, kids start with the fundamentals of robotics and coding before they can read! Drawing a route on their tablet or smartphone, children send Dash on journeys around the house with their code.


For all ages

Program Dash to be a musical performer with Xylo. Used with Xylophone accessory, kids can program Dash to play their favorite song or make new tunes of their own.

Imaginations come to life

You define how you want to play. Whether you’re having a make-believe tea party, building elaborate forts, or exploring with friends, Dash & Dot will be there every step of the way

Visual programming

If you know Scratch, you already know Dash and Dot.   You can immediately recognize the familiar look of the Blockly App

We set a low floor but a high ceiling for coding with Blockly, a drag-and-drop programming language that snaps together like puzzle pieces. You will learn programming concepts as you play.   

Interact with the real world

Explore the world around with Dash & Dot. Program them to squeal when you pick them up, navigate around sharp corners, or be on the lookout for approaching siblings or pets.

Engineered for Possibilities

Size & Weight

Length: 6.69 in
Width: 7.17 in
Height: 6.34 in
Weight: 1.76 lbs

Battery, Power & Connectivity

Play time: Up to 5 hours
Standby time: Up to 30 days
Battery: Built in rechargeable lithium ion
Charging: via Micro USB to computer system or power adapter
Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart 4 / LE

Lights, Sensors, & Media

Microphones: 3
Speaker: 1
Eye Lights: 12 White LEDs
Ear Lights: RGB LEDs
Spotlight: RGB LEDs (in chest)
Tail lights: Red LEDs
Transmitters: 4 IRs
Distance Sensors: 3 (12 inch range)
Detect Robot Receivers: 2 IRs


Max speed: 3.3 ft/sec
Head rotation - up: 25°
Head rotation - down: 10°
Head rotation - left: 120°
Head rotation - right: 120°


List of devices compatible with Dash and Dot: 

Dash & Dot are even more fun with add-ons. Play a song on Dash’s Xylophone, take videos using the smartphone mount, add LEGO® bricks with the Brick Connectors and more. Transforming Dash & Dot is easy with accessories and a small dose of creativity.

Compose an original masterpiece

Building Brick Connectors
Compose an original masterpiece

Bulldozer Bar
Move and push items with the bulldozer bar.

Bunny Ears
Get silly and hop around the room

Launcher Accessory
Transform your Dash Robot into a projectile-launching machine

Tow Hook
Bring a friend for a ride or just hang around.

For set up instructions, click here:

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Warranty information

Suggested Curriculum with Dash & Dot

Lesson examples 


  • Science lessons - Learning About Bees with Dash and Dot

    For more details about teaching ideas, please click here




    Designed for kids 5 to infinity

    There’s a Dash & Dot app for every age group, learning level, and play style.

    Clicker here for Apps

    Age  5-8 
    Little learners can play with our apps that weave in music and movement. Dash & Dot can go on adventures or perform for friends and family.
    Age 8-12 
    Blockly, a visual programming language created by Google, introduces more advanced play. Drag and drop blocks of code to direct Dash & Dot around your home!
    Age 12+
    Try your hand at building applications for Dash & Dot on iOS and Android with Objective C and Java using our open API.



    Dash is an explorer who loves to go on adventures, play music, and solve challenges. The more you play, the more Dash knows how to do!


    Dash & Dot Pack

    Control Dash & Dot to move, light up, make sounds, and interact with each other. This dynamic duo can do anything you set your mind to.

    Wonder Pack

    The Wonder Pack offers the richest and biggest play experience by combining Dash & Dot with all their accessories:

    • Dash and Dot
    • Accessory Pack(Bunny Years, Bunny tail, Tow Hook)
    • Building Brick Connectors
    • Xylophone
    • Launcher

    You are only limited by the power of your imagination!

    School packs   - contact us for price

    School Starter Pack

    • 4 Dash & Dot
    • 1 Accessories Pack
    • 1 Building Brick Connectors
    • 1 Xylophones
    • 1 Curriculum User

    Classroom Pack

    • 10 Dash & Dot
    • 5 Accessories Pack
    • 5 Building Brick Connectors
    • 5 Xylophones
    • 2 Curriculum Users

    School Pack

    • 20 Dash & Dot
    • 10 Accessories Pack
    • 10 Building Brick Connectors
    • 5 Xylophones
    • 5 Curriculum Users

    Launcher Accessory kit

    This fun accessory transforms your Dash Robot into a projectile-launching machine. Because it's powered by Dash, kids can learn how simple machines like a lever works in a fun way. Comes with 3 projectiles and 6 stacking targets that can attach to LEGO®-compatible bricks to build intricate targets.

    The Launcher accessories ( 1 minute)

    Warranty information

    HK$ 2,170.00