Detective Dippy Duck (DVD)




Product Description

When Quarrelsome Queen’s quilt goes missing, she insists that it must be found within one hour.

If not, Robber Red will get the blame.

But nobody knows what has happened.

Dippy Duck steps in to help but will she find the quilt in time?


This delightful Letterland ‘whodunnit’ has all the Classic Letterland alphabet characters in search of clues. Children will experience exciting adventure with real educational value as they join Dippy Duck and friends in their detective work.

N.B. This product is part of the Classic Letterland Series featuring the original  characters, including Robber Red and Wicked Water Witch. For detailed information on the Classic Letterland Series please refer to What is Classic Letterland? If you are using this product in conjunction with more recent Letterland titles which are not part of the Classic Series please refer to the transition stories.

HK$ 143.00