Developing Literacy Lesson Reception Year

CD-Rom with Booklet

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Developing Literacy Lesson Reception Year
Product Description

 Ten-minute literacy starter activities for whole-class or group teaching, specifically designed to be used on an interactive whiteboard.

High-quality animation, music and sound effects are designed to grab children’s attention and get them switched on. Also Included Photocopiable activity sheets in PDF.

8 Word Level Activities:
focus on early phonics work, including linking phonemes and graphemes, naming and sounding letters of the alphabet and reading simple cvc, cvcc and ccvc words

8 Sentence Level Activities:
provide ideas and structured support for early writing. They focus on forming simple sentences, writing names and captions and using basic punctuation.

8 Text level Activities:  explore the characters and settings of traditional stories and
support children in sequencing events. Non-fiction texts, in different forms, are also introduced.

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