Developing Literacy Lesson Starters Year 2

CD-Rom with Booklet

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Product Description
Ten-minute literacy starter activities for whole-class or group teaching, specifically designed to be used on an interactive whiteboard.

High-quality animation, music and sound effects are designed to grab children’s attention and get them switched on. Also Included Photocopiable activity sheets in PDF.

8 Word Level Activities:
focus on spelling, looking at word structures such as prefixes,  suffixes, ‘ing’ and ‘ed’. The mini-investigations highlight common patterns and useful spelling rules. Other activities focus on alternative pronunciations of graphemes.

8 Sentence Level Activities:
support children in writing simple and compound sentences in the present and past tense. With an emphasis on the use of question marks, other activities highlight the role of punctuation in conveying meaning

8 Text level Activities:
focus on planning and organising writing of fiction and non-fiction texts. They provide inspiration and frameworks for writing in different forms such as instructions, dialogue and description.
Some of the activities also lead into Speaking activities such as reading aloud with expression and retelling stories
HK$ 700.00