Developing Literacy Lesson Starters Year 5

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Developing Literacy Lesson Starters Year 5
Product Description
Ten-minute literacy starter activities for whole-class or group teaching, specifically designed to be used on an interactive whiteboard.

High-quality animation, music and sound effects are designed to grab children’s attention and get them switched on. Also Included Photocopiable activity sheets in PDF.

8 Word structure and spelling activities
Group and classify words according to their spelling patterns (ea, oo,ai, ough. eight), less common prefixes such as ‘im’ and ‘ir’, less common suffixes ‘cian’, ‘sion’, ‘tion’, homophones, words from other languages, using a dictionary and thesaurus, plurals,

8 Sentence structure and punctuation activities
a main clause in a sentence, and the subordinate clause, Connectives, Prepositions, Pronoun, Imperative verbs in commands, commas and semi-colons, speech marks and apostrophes, Standard English

8 Understanding and creating texts Activities
Infer writers’ perspectives from what is written and what is implied: using adjectives, Story Settings, Story openings , Points of view, Abbreviations, the poetic pattern for a limerick, Playscripts, Information texts: instructions
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