Water Pump 6V - 12V with 1m silicone tube

Water pump



Product Description

This R385 diaphragm pump is the perfect choice for any project that requires water to be moved from one place to another.

The pump is supplied with 1M of silicon hose that you can cut to your requirements, the hose provides a good seal and will not leak.



Possible uses/projects include; a small aquarium pump, automatic plant watering system, making a water feature or music activated dancing water features to name but a few. When pumping a liquid the pump runs very quietly. The pump is also capable of pumping air, though when pumping air the pump is quite noisy in comparison.

The pump requires between 6 - 12V DC and between 0.5 - 0.7A and will deliver its maximum operating values when power is at the upper end of these ranges.

The pump can handle pumping heated liquids up to a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius and when suitably powered can suck water through the tube from up to 2m and pump water vertically for up to 3m.


  • The +ve connector on the pump is indicated with a red mark.


  • Maximum suck range of 2m.
  • Maximum head range of 3m.
  • Works with liquids of up to 80 degrees celcius.
  • Maximum flow rate of up to 1 - 3L/min.


  • 1 x R385 diaphragm pump.
  • 1 x 1M Silicon tube.


  • Length: 86mm.
  • Width: 43mm.
  • Pipe Inside Diameter: 6mm.
  • Pipe Outside Diameter: 8.5mm.


  • 6 - 12V DC / 0.5 - 0.7A power supply.


  • Working voltage: 6-12V DC.
  • Load operating current: 0.5-0.7A.
  • Maximum flow: 1-3L/Min.
  • Maximum head: 3 m.
  • Maximum suction range: 2 m.
  • Temperature: ≤80°C;.
  • Service life: 2500H.



5M Silicone tube, replacement or additional tube for use with the 6 - 12V R385 diaphragm pump. Cut to the desired length and fit directly to the pump.

This 5m silicone tube is for use with the 6 - 12V R385 diaphragm pump. It can either be used to replace the exisiting tubing or if you require additional tubing.

The tube has an outside diameter of 9.4mm and an inside diameter of 6.4, providing a water tight fit when used with the 6 - 12V R385 diaphragm pump.

The pump, when suitably powered, can pull water from 2m and push water vertically for up to 3m. This length of 5m Silicone tube will allow you to move fluids up to the limits of the pumps capabilities.

The tubing can be easily cut with scissors to your exact requirements and any excess can be coiled and stored until needed.


  • For use with the 6 - 12V R385 diaphragm pump.
  • The tubing can be easily cut with scissors.


  • 1 x 5m silicone tube.


  • Length: 5m.
  • Inside Diameter: 6.4mm.
  • Outside Diameter: 9.4mm.



HK$ 156.00


Water Pump with 1 meter tube