Drive Systems

STEM lessons and models pack



Product Description

8 models.  Insight into how different types of drives function 


Focuses on the Principles of Drive Technology and features wind propulsion / bending rod drive / recoil drive / rubber band and friction motors.

  • How does a recoil or bending rod drive work?
  • What is the difference between a friction drive and a rubber band drive?
  • How can wind be used for propulsion?

This set provides a glimpse into how different types of drives work.

The instructional activity booklet provides a great deal of interesting information.

For young engineers from age 8


Other than the building blocks, each pack also include

  • Instructional activity booklet
  • Friction motor



    Size: 440 x 315 x 80 mm

    Number of models: 8

    Number of parts: 280




    This Drive system  kit includes materials to build teaching and learning models for the following lessons/activities (Download the full guide from here):


    1.  Wind Drive

    2.  Balloon Drive

    3. Bending Rod Drive

    4.  Rubber Band Motor

    5.  Pullback Motor

    • Buggy
    • Motor--Buggy

    6. Vehicle with Steering

    7. Offroad Vehicle with Steering and Spring Suspension

    8. Offroad Vehicle with Pullback Motor

    9. Remote Controlled Offroad Vehicle




      The brawny offroad vehicle with functioning steering and suspension can also be combined perfectly with

      Link to Assembly Guide


      Link to Activity Booklet


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