Dynamics Extension Kit 1

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Data Harvest

Dynamics Extension Kit 1
Product Description

This is the extension to the Dynamics System and contains extra kit that is required for the investigations suggested in part two of the Dynamics system manual.


40-sec Data Harvest - Dynamics System


What's in this kit:
  • Dynamics cart
  • Interrupt card
  • Magnets and holders
  • Springs
  • End reflector card
  • Pendulum bob
  • Slotted mass set
  • Mass retainers
  • Sensor clip
  • Interrupt card set

Teaching Applications:
  • Motion: Using the spring to roll a cart up a slope
  • Pendulum: Using a Light Gate and simple pendulum
  • Collisions: Inelastic and elastic
  • Collisions: Using Motion sensors, Force sensors and a Light Gate
  • Interference of light investigations (Young’s slit)
  • Collisions: Using a Force Sensor and a Light Gate to investigate crumple zones
  • Simple Harmonic Motion: using 2 Force and a Motion sensor with a cart oscillating horizontally

Download Dynamics System Manual Doc No.: D0155 | Issue: 6.1a 


HK$ 1,100.00